Mini Art Journal Page: Hamsa Hand Artfoamie

Mini Art Journal Page: Hamsa Hand Artfoamie


For this Wednesday’s mini art journal page I have a piece of Hamsa art. It is inspired by a new Artfoamie I got from ArtByMarlene: Hamsa Hand.

This is another great easy, quick journal page. It took me under 20 minutes and filled that creative need for the night.

Here is how I did it:

1. I started with a 4″ x 6″ (10.16cm x 15.24cm) piece of mixed media paper.

2. I had some gelli prints I had been making using craft paint and Dina Wakley’s new scribble sticks. I cut out a piece of deli paper with the gelli printing on it and using matte gel medium, I glued it to the page.

3. I dried the page with my Ranger Heat Tool.

4. I then took one of my custom mandala stencils and used the Frayed Burlap Distress Oxide thru it with the Tim Holtz
Blending tool.

5. I then put out a little of the Dylusions Vibrant Turquoise paint on my gelli plate and rolled it out, I stamped my Hamsa Artfoamie into it, then added more paint from the roller.

6. I then put the Hamsa Artfoamie on the paper and voila beautiful print.

7. Next, I dried it with the heat gun again. To make the teal stand out, I went back to my Distress Oxides and grabbed my Peacock Feathers Blue and edged the paper with the blending tool.

8. Then I went and dug out some of my Tim Holtz Small Talk quotes and picked “Live, Create, Tell The Story” and added that to the piece.

9. Last step I had to get my scribbles in so using my Pilot Black Multi Ball pen I added a border.

Now I have another piece of small art in my mini journal that will continue to inspire me.

I hope this piece will inspire you as well. I linked to some of the items I used in case you see something you want for your collection.

Thanks for stopping by, have a creative day!

See my video here on my youtube channel




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Mini Art Journal: ArtFoamie Sugar Skull Page

Mini Art Journal: ArtFoamie Sugar Skull Page

This mini journal page was prompted by two things:

1. A new Artfoamies purchase
2. A hectic day I needed to unwind from.

Have you been there? Long day at work,  you come home and want to do some art but then start looking at your journals and think nope, that will take too long.

This is where a mini art journal is fabulous. I always had scraps of Canson watercolor paper laying around, so one day I cut up a bunch into 4″ x 6″ (10.16cm x 15.24cm) pieces, punched two holes in them and bought some binder rings at the dollar store and voila! Mini Journal

So this weeks post/video is using one sheet of my mini journal page and the following steps:

1. I painted the background of the paper with a Tim Holtz Blending Tool and Dylusions Vibrant Turquoise paint

2. I used my new Ranger heat gun to dry the first layer

3. I then used a Dylusions text stencil with “Melted Chocolate” Dylusions paint, and one of my custom star stencils with “Cut Grass” Dylusions paint to decorate the background. To apply the paint I again used my trusty Blending Tool. (Note: if you use too much paint on the dabber, be sure to keep a journal handy to rub off excess- you then get a cool background for something new later on)

4. Dried the page with the heat gun again.

5. I got out my Dylusions “Black Marble” paint, and I put some on a Gelli plate (about 1tbsp), then I put my roller thru the paint and applied it to my new sugar skull foamie (“Skullie” Love : ArtbyMarlene)

6. Stamped the Art Foamie on the paper.

7. Dried the paper again.

8. Added some Tim Holtz Small Talk cutouts and edged the paper with Distress Oxide “Black Soot”.

It was a pretty quick process, once I figured out where I was heading, haha, and done in under 20 minutes. Just enough time to relax and unwind.

You can see the video of my process on my YouTube channel:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this post will inspire you. I try each time to include links to some of the items I used so if you like an item you can find them.

Happy Painting!


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DIY Art Tag Napkin Backgrounds and Inspiration

DIY Art Tag Napkin Backgrounds and Inspiration

A question that often comes up to artists/creative types is where do we get our inspiration from, how do projects come together. Today I will give you insight into the working of the creative mind and show you how these tags came together. I hope this little journey will help inspire you to see your outings in a new way.

These tags started with a trip to visit my folks for the weekend. My mom and I always like to go out shopping, and I am always looking for inexpensive craft supplies. On this outing, I went to Tuesday Morning and the Hobby Lobby near her. Recently in one of my ATC (Artist Trading Card) groups, a napkin swap was done. I had not thought to collect napkins before. While in Tuesday morning I found these great black and white napkins that were 2.99 and 20% off. I snagged them, as they reminded me of the Tim Holtz Ideaology collage paper, and I thought what a great background they would make. While in Tuesday morning I also picked up some sale Graphics 45 washi tape, because you can never have enough washi tape.
So, after Tuesday Morning we wandered to Hobby Lobby where they had quite a bit of clearance. Here I picked up some tags on clearance, a few stamps that were about 70% off and some clearance archival ink. Now all these components didn’t’ come together for me just yet, I was just adding to my stash. Below is a shot of the haul I got all for under $25.00.

Now I just got a sewing machine for Christmas so I took my mom to look at the fabric and there were some great patterns that caught my eye. Black and white with bits of color. I took photos of them to use in my color collage book for inspiration. They would later inspire me for the tags. Here are some photos below:

Once home from my trip I dumped all my wares on the table and decided to combine the tags with one of the napkins to see how it would work out. Then I colored them, inspired by the fabric I saw.

Step 1 & 2: was to cover the tags in a mat gel medium. I peeled the napkin apart using just the colored layer. I carefully placed it on the tag and then CAREFULLY smoothed it. The napkin when wet is like tissue paper so handle with very gentle hands. I then just tore the edges and wrapped them.
I then carefully added a layer of matte medium to the top and dried with my heat gun.

Step 3. I wanted to add some color. So for one tag I used just my basic watercolors and colored in the flowers. For the other tag I wanted the flowers black and white, so instead, I used my new archival inks with a new stamp to add background colors.


Step 4. When all was dry, I took my black archival ink and with a dabber went around the edges of the tag.
Voila! In less than 10 minutes I have two (2) ready to use tag backgrounds. I have enough of the napkin left to probably get three more tags out of it too!

I hope this quick little tutorial gave you some inspiration and will help you see the materials you have around you in a new light. Happy craft hunting.

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2018 Studio Makeover – Organized vs Unorganized Art Studio

2018 Studio Makeover – Organized vs Unorganized Art Studio

For a long time, I thought my studio being messy was part of my creative process. In the beginning, organization wasn’t an issue for me; I was just a painter. At that time all I had were canvases and paints in a toolbox. Then my creativity branched out, and I began making jewelry and that needed storage. From jewelry, I then got into mixed media so now there was scrapbook paper, ephemera, embellishments and oh yeah tons and tons of stamps and stencils. Fast forward about five years, and I was sitting in a mess.

I would go into my studio after work to create and spend half my time trying to find what I needed for the project. Some disorganization is okay it helps you get inspiration but being able to find what you need quickly is critical when you’re creating on limited time.  That lightbulb moment is what led me to my 2018 studio makeover. I was off work for a week in December and barely touched my studio the clutter just drove me out so for 2018  I resolved to get cleaned up and organized. Two factors helped me. Factor one was knowing my development is having a community yard sale. I know I want a new camera for filming my videos, so that gave me the push to start purge and sell items at the yard sale. Factor two was organization, and IKEA was having a sale on their bookcases. Fast forward a month of spending weekends purging, and I was finally able to get my studio organized, and it is wonderful. It was hard, I love to hoard my craft supplies, but I realized I don’t need 30 packets of scrapbook paper, I’ll never get thru it all. I also had bead supplies I hadn’t touched in years, and they just weren’t me anymore. So if you are living in the chaos I was, look for something to help push you. The yardsale to earn money from my supplies was a big help.

I still have more to do next year in getting my desk area setup better, but the new bookcases made a world of difference. I can now go in and pull out what I need, and I make sure I put it back. A smaller work table helps keep me in line as I can’t have too much clutter or I have no place to work!.

Here are some tips from my experience:
1. Save and invest in some good shelving systems that will work for you. (It will help keep you organized) These are what I got:  Ikea Billy Bookcase
2. Don’t buy storage containers for items until you are done purging. You may get more than you need. I found shoe boxes were great temporary storage while I wait and old cardboard boxes.
3. Live with temporary storage containers. Get things grouped and in their places, then live with it for a few months. You can save up for better containers and won’t waste on things that don’t work.
4. Invest in a label maker. Visual cues help so much in staying organized.
5. Set limit’s. Pick a shelf for a supply and when it’s filled the rest goes to yardsale or donation (It’s hard, but it helps)
6.  Do a little at a time. Pick a section at a time an hour or so a night. It will help keep you from getting overwhelmed, and you won’t be tired and keep more than you meant to.

I hope these little tips from my experience help! Below are some of the before and after shots.







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DIY Quick Art Journal Page

This week it has been raining most of the week so it has been a bit dreary. To turn that dreary around I decided to make a “New Year” rainy day art journal page, turning the drops of rain into new years resolutions, or it can be words that comfort you, define you, anything that when you look at the page makes you smile and feel strong! The video is now posted on my Youtube channel. Enjoy and see who the special visitor is.

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