2018 Studio Makeover – Organized vs Unorganized Art Studio

2018 Studio Makeover – Organized vs Unorganized Art Studio

For a long time, I thought my studio being messy was part of my creative process. In the beginning, organization wasn’t an issue for me; I was just a painter. At that time all I had were canvases and paints in a toolbox. Then my creativity branched out, and I began making jewelry and that needed storage. From jewelry, I then got into mixed media so now there was scrapbook paper, ephemera, embellishments and oh yeah tons and tons of stamps and stencils. Fast forward about five years, and I was sitting in a mess.

I would go into my studio after work to create and spend half my time trying to find what I needed for the project. Some disorganization is okay it helps you get inspiration but being able to find what you need quickly is critical when you’re creating on limited time.  That lightbulb moment is what led me to my 2018 studio makeover. I was off work for a week in December and barely touched my studio the clutter just drove me out so for 2018  I resolved to get cleaned up and organized. Two factors helped me. Factor one was knowing my development is having a community yard sale. I know I want a new camera for filming my videos, so that gave me the push to start purge and sell items at the yard sale. Factor two was organization, and IKEA was having a sale on their bookcases. Fast forward a month of spending weekends purging, and I was finally able to get my studio organized, and it is wonderful. It was hard, I love to hoard my craft supplies, but I realized I don’t need 30 packets of scrapbook paper, I’ll never get thru it all. I also had bead supplies I hadn’t touched in years, and they just weren’t me anymore. So if you are living in the chaos I was, look for something to help push you. The yardsale to earn money from my supplies was a big help.

I still have more to do next year in getting my desk area setup better, but the new bookcases made a world of difference. I can now go in and pull out what I need, and I make sure I put it back. A smaller work table helps keep me in line as I can’t have too much clutter or I have no place to work!.

Here are some tips from my experience:
1. Save and invest in some good shelving systems that will work for you. (It will help keep you organized) These are what I got:  Ikea Billy Bookcase
2. Don’t buy storage containers for items until you are done purging. You may get more than you need. I found shoe boxes were great temporary storage while I wait and old cardboard boxes.
3. Live with temporary storage containers. Get things grouped and in their places, then live with it for a few months. You can save up for better containers and won’t waste on things that don’t work.
4. Invest in a label maker. Visual cues help so much in staying organized.
5. Set limit’s. Pick a shelf for a supply and when it’s filled the rest goes to yardsale or donation (It’s hard, but it helps)
6.  Do a little at a time. Pick a section at a time an hour or so a night. It will help keep you from getting overwhelmed, and you won’t be tired and keep more than you meant to.

I hope these little tips from my experience help! Below are some of the before and after shots.







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DIY Quick Art Journal Page

This week it has been raining most of the week so it has been a bit dreary. To turn that dreary around I decided to make a “New Year” rainy day art journal page, turning the drops of rain into new years resolutions, or it can be words that comfort you, define you, anything that when you look at the page makes you smile and feel strong! The video is now posted on my Youtube channel. Enjoy and see who the special visitor is.

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Ornaments for Ladies Luncheon

Ornaments for Ladies Luncheon

Hello! and Happy December.

This month my posts will revolve around some DIY gift making because it’s that season again. At the start of the month, I had my ovarian cancer support group luncheon. We meet once a month for to share our stories and catch up on each other’s lives. For December it was our holiday luncheon and voluntary gift swap. When I think of these amazing ladies, I think of their presence and stories, and I knew I wanted to make something extra special to give them.

One evening while watching some Mike Deakin videos on YouTube I saw the Dina Wakley “Gal Quotes” stamps used in one of his videos and a light bulb went on. I knew I had to use them for some holiday ornaments.

To start I bought some 4″ round wood ornaments on Amazon. Then I painted them teal (the ovarian cancer color) and using embossing ink and black glitter embossing powder on them. I stamped the lady faces and quotes and then used my heat gun. Within a few hours I had the ornaments ready to go.

These stamps are great for cards, journaling and from the photos below, ornaments! So just a fun idea if you have an office holiday swap coming up maybe you work with some fabulous ladies that can use a sassy ornament.































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DIY Fall Leaves

DIY Fall Leaves

With fall in the air, I decided I needed some fall leaves just in case, a stash for my art journaling. Now I could have gone to the store and bought some already made cutouts but as any good artist/crafter knows why do it the easy way when we can make a big mess and do it the crafty way!!!

Thanks to my wonderful husband I have a Cricut machine, so I thought okay, I can do this, I’ll just use the Cricut to cut out some leaves for me, but first I needed the right colored papers. Now did I go and just buy some scrap paper? Well of course not that again would have been easy. I instead set about to make my own fall colored background.

To do this, I grabbed my pad of 9 x 12 Canson watercolor 140lb cold press paper, my brand new distress oxides in “Wild Honey” “Frayed Burlap” and “Candied Apple” and set about making a fall inspired background on the watercolor paper. I used a dabber and just kept blending, adding some water, drying and then blending some more and below was the results of that labor.

Then I set the paper on one of my heavy duty Cricut mats and found some free leaf layouts in the Cricut Canvas program, and set about to cut them out. Now, this is where I developed a momentary love/hate relationship with my Cricut because my paper looked so great and the machine took the first pass and in the end didn’t cut all the way thru the paper, so I thought OH NO it’s ruined and made another sheet and tried again. Again I had the same issue, the blade didn’t cut all the way thru. This was a learning experience for me for next time to be patient and do a trial run on blank paper to get the settings, but you know how we artist crafters get when we are excited.

So there I sat with two sheets of half cut leaves, and I thought okay nothing is every ruined I got this, I took out some small scissors and trimmed out the leaves, and success I had my leaves. At this point, I felt they needed a little something extra, so I got out one of my brown archival inks and went around the edges of all the leaves, and voila! I had fall leaves I love that will now go into my journals and happy mail for fellow artists.

I’ll list the links to some of my materials below in case you want to give these a shot on your own! You can even print and trace your own leaf shapes if you don’t have a Cricut or Silhouette machine.
Happy Fall!

Watercolor Paper Pad

Wild Honey Distress Oxide

Frayed Burlap Distress Oxide

Candied Apple Distress Oxide

Brown Archival Ink

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