Tim Holtz Altered Paper Doll ATC (Artist Trading Card)

Tim Holtz Altered Paper Doll ATC (Artist Trading Card)

Good Morning,

As I write this post today my heart is with the people on the east coast in the Carolinas and Virginia as hurricane Florence pounds the shoreline. Living in Florida for almost seventeen years now I have been through six memorable hurricanes, one was the month of my wedding and I know the emotional and physical strain these events put on a person. So before I begin, thoughts and prayers with the people of the Carolina’s and all those affected by this storm.

On this Monday I thought I would start your week out with a little shimmer. I am in an ATC (Artist Trading Card) group on facebook. Each month there is a prompt and we can sign up to swap a trading card and share a few treasures from our stash. For this card, the theme was “Bippity Boppity”, so I ran with that.  To make the card I used the following:

  1. A piece of watercolor paper (heavyweight) cut to 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″
  2. I did a layer of Distress oxide on top of the card in Antique Linen and Seedless Preserves
  3. I pulled out a girl doll from the Tim Holtz Paper doll collection.
  4. I colored her using my Big Brush Pitt Pens in Cobalt Green, Magenta Bright, and LIght Flesh.
  5. I dried everything well with my Ranger Heat Tool
  6. I went back over the girls dress using a VersaMark Pen (Embossing Pen) and I applied from SparkleNSprinkle an Indian Spark (light blue) embossing powder. Them I used my embossing gun to set the powder.
  7. I then decided the background on the card needed some sparkle as well.
  8. I used the Technique Junkies “Stencil Rings” stamp with Versamark embossing pad to add circles to the background. I then used the Ranger Ink Bridal Tinsel white embossing powder over it with my heat gun to set.
  9. I then took out my quote from Dyan Reaveley I cut into strips. I edged the quote pieces with my Big Brush Pen in Cobalt Green.
  10. I went around the edge of the AT with my Peacock Feathers Distress Oxide to pull all the blue’s together.
  11. I applied my quote pieces first with glue that didn’t stick to the embossing, so I used foam adhesive dots.

and that was it! A fun way to alter your Tim Holtz paper dolls!

You can see the process video here: Altered Tim Holtz Paper Doll ATC

Here are some close-ups of the card:

One of the things I love about working on ATC’s is the limits the size puts on what you do. Trying to create art is such a confined area is a really great way to again get out of your comfort zone and test the boundaries of what you can do. Plus it is fun to have these mini pieces of art go off into the world and bring a smile to someone’s face.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Dust off those Tim Holtz Paper Doll’s and let’s have a play!

As always listed below are the list of supplies I used to create this page. Some are affiliate links, some are not. Any items bought thru the
affiliate links help support my Youtube channel and blog. I am not paid to promote these items, these are items I grab and use anyway,
so it’s just a little-added bonus that allows me to create and share with you.

Affiliate Links:

Tsukineko VersaMaker Watermark Pen for Embossing
http://bit.ly/2Mrsl3u (Blitsy.com)

Tsukineko VersaMark Small Inkpad
http://bit.ly/2O9cBPd (Blitsy.com)

Distress Oxide- Peacock Feathers
http://bit.ly/2MwaQ0U (Rangerink.com)
http://bit.ly/2Be11Al (Blitsy.com)
http://bit.ly/2w8aLqg (Joggles.com)

Distress Oxide- Antique Linen
http://bit.ly/2Pn41NL (Rangerink.com)
http://bit.ly/2MqXlAA (Blitsy.com)
http://bit.ly/2L9mr1k (Joggles.com)

Distress Oxide- Seedless Preserves
http://bit.ly/2MkCezT (Rangerink.com)
http://bit.ly/2PkuKe1 (Blitsy.com)
http://bit.ly/2Pk9Ziy (Joggles.com)

Tim Holtz Idea-ology- Paper Dolls (Note: packs vary)
http://bit.ly/2N8WFzW (Rangerink.com)
http://bit.ly/2x777x8 (Blitsy.com)
http://bit.ly/2N7IsUd (Joggles.com)

Archival Ink-Sepia
http://bit.ly/2mNGdpk (Rangerink.com)
http://bit.ly/2mSwDli (Joggles.com)

Ranger Ink Embossing Powder Bridal Tinsel
http://bit.ly/2METejr (Rangerink.com)
http://bit.ly/2BvCB5H (Blitsy.com)
http://bit.ly/2PrgWhF (Joggles.com)

Faber-Castell Pitt Big Brush Artist Pens
Cobalt Green 156, Magenta Bright 228, Light Flesh 132
http://bit.ly/2x0jw6X (dickblick.com)

Non-Affiliate Links:

Sticky Thumb Adhesive Dimensional Foam Dots
https://amzn.to/2K9k17l (amazon.com)

Indian Spark Embossing powder

Stencil Rings Stamp


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Distress Oxide Cat Friendship Handmade Card

Distress Oxide Cat Friendship Handmade Card

Hello and TGIF!

Well, it has been a heck of a busy week and it’s looking like my weekend will be about the same. I thought I’d get a little ahead of the game and give you a special Friday handmade card share to tide you over for the weekend. This card went to my lovely friend Sylvia in Sweden that I do ATC (Artist Trading Card) swaps with several times a year. We always have so much fun and we both love cats which is why this card was purrrfect ;).

Without further ado here is the adorable kitty card using distress oxides for the background:

See video here: Distress Oxide background friendship handmade card

Some Stills:

Now I am a newbie at card making, so please be kind ;).  I really did enjoy making this one, and actually, since making it I have discovered the Tim Holtz Micro Glaze which if I used the alcohol ink glossy cardstock would really pop the background. See the wheels are always churning folks.

I hope this card gave you some inspiration and brightened up your Friday a bit. I  know playing with my Distress Oxides always cheers me up.

Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

Supply List

(Below are my affiliate links, all purchases made thru these links
help support my youtube channel and website-please note I am not paid or prompted to use
these products, I only show products that I actually use, like and want to try it’s just a little
added bonus for the things I use daily)

Affiliate Links:

Tonic Scissors:
http://bit.ly/2Kn3DiS (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2yGEZF1 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2tr77au (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2K8MMRC (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2trAcSO (Joggles)

Distress Oxides:

Black Soot:
http://bit.ly/2PbrUb3 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2vPVavU (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2MuaiJ7 (Joggles)

Wilted Violet:
http://bit.ly/2KZmHQj (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2nGQRyE (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2w8yGWo (Joggles)

Fossilized Amber:
http://bit.ly/2KWN7lW (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2nHVJnj (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2Mw9MKs (Joggles)

Peacock Feathers:
http://bit.ly/2MwaQ0U (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Be11Al (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2w8aLqg (Joggles)

Picked Raspberry:
http://bit.ly/2Mh4hQw (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2BavCil (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2Pf6dXM (Joggles)

Tim Holtz Tonic Studio Stamp Platform
http://bit.ly/2yDVIZP (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2MjO6xB (Joggles)

Black Archival Ink Pad
http://bit.ly/2KgJnfr (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2Iq7y9u (Blitsy)

Canxon XL Mix Media Paper Pad
http://bit.ly/2tDr8cR (Blick Art Supplies)

Non-Affiliate Links

Stamps: Purr-fect Friends
(I could no longer locate the stamps online but the site
has many other cute stamp sets)

Sticky Thumb-Adhesive Foam Dots
https://amzn.to/2K9k17l (Amazon.com)


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Friday the 13th – Alcohol Lift Ink Skull Stencil Background

Friday the 13th – Alcohol Lift Ink Skull Stencil Background

Hello folks,

I am back with a special post for Friday the 13th! I was sitting at work today thinking about the awesome new Tim Holtz Alcohol Lift Ink and about Friday the 13th, and about the cool new skull stencils I got and I couldn’t wait to get home to have a play. I got home, tucked into my studio and made a quick messy alcohol ink background on 8″ x 10″ Yupo paper then tried the Alcohol Lift Ink thru one of my new skull stencils and cool doesn’t cover it. I found my new addiction folks, but I need to do it sparingly until Ranger gets stocked back up on their fabulous alcohol inks.

First layeredrd the alcohol ink with blending solution on the background

Next, I then stamped with the Tim Holtz Newsprint stamp and the Dylusions Cobweb stamp using black Archival Ink.

Last,ly I laid down my stencils and used the felt applicator with Alcohol Lift-Ink Reinker on it to go thru the stencils to create the white areas.

…..I hear those wheels turning!!!

Full video here on my Youtube Channel: Alcohol Lift Ink Skull Background

This will be great cut up for a nice card front and maybe some artist trading cards!

Here is the list of all the goodies I used:

Some items are affiliate links and any purchases made thru these links help to fund my youtube videos and websites.

Affiliate Links:

Alcohol Lift-Ink Reinker
http://bit.ly/2NDLR9H (Ranger)

Alcohol Ink (Copper, Purple Twilight,
Amethyst, Citrus)
http://bit.ly/2NHJhzC (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2L5klDS (Blitsy)

Yupo Paper 8″ x 10″
http://bit.ly/2Jcizvq (Ranger)

Alcohol Ink Blending Solution:
http://bit.ly/2KYnuFj (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2m7AIl9 (Blitsy)

Felt Applicators:
http://bit.ly/2um5t9L (Ranger)

Archival Ink (Black)

Dylusions Stamp & Stencil Cobweb Border
http://bit.ly/2KXTQRz (Ranger)

Tim Holtz Cling Stamp- Newsprint & Type
http://bit.ly/2NL4MiW (Ranger)

Non-Affiliate Link:

Wonderstrumpet Stencils

6″ x 6″ Spirit Board

12″ x 12″ Skull Swoop

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New Product: Tim Holtz Alcohol Lift-Ink Review and Play

New Product: Tim Holtz Alcohol Lift-Ink Review and Play

Hello there lovely fellow crafters.

I am so excited for my video share today for art journal Wednesday because it is a new product review. I was able to get my hands on the new Tim Holtz Alcohol Lift- Ink by Ranger before they sold out and it came in the mail last week. As you can imagine, I could hardly wait to dive in and give it a play. Today I will be sharing with you some tags that I cut out of the Ranger 8″ x 10″ Alcohol Ink Yupo paper and used for my demo/testing. I had to wait for a not too hot day as well because it is so important when you use the Ranger Alcohol Inks to make sure you are in a well-ventilated room, or you will be “extra happy” with your work when done if you catch my drift. Therefore I braved the Florida 90 degree humidity threw open my window and below is how my tags turned out.

Some key items to note:

  1. Make sure the stamps you use have been cleaned, or the residue will transfer.
  2. Give the paper a bit of drying time before stamping if in humid weather
  3. If you stamp, remember to dab with a clean paper towel a few times to reveal the image then rub
  4. If you use the Lift-Ink Reinker, you can put it on a felt alcohol ink applicator and use it thru stencils. The more you rub thru the stencil with the felt the more that will come off before you clean up with the paper towel.
  5. Lastly, have fun layering! Looks awesome with alcohol inks.

Here is the link to my Youtube Video to watch me play: Tim Holtz Alcohol Lift-Ink Testing/Review/How To Video

Here are the stills. The photos don’t do them justice. It is so hard to capture the lusciousness of the metallics and swirls. Amazing!

Alcohol Lift-Ink with Theories Stamp on Alcohol Ink Yupo paper tag

Alcohol Lift-Ink with Theories Stamp on Alcohol Ink Yupo paper tag (Detail)

Alcohol Lift-Ink with Theories Stamp on Alcohol Ink Yupo paper tag (Detail)

Alcohol Lift-Ink with Theories Stamp on Alcohol Ink Yupo paper tag (Detail)

Second tag using Tim Holtz Cling Mount Theories Stamp and Alcohol Lift-Ink on Alcohol Ink Yupo Paper Tag

Second tag (All the shimmer!)

Second tag using Tim Holtz Cling Mount Theories Stamp and Alcohol Lift-Ink on Alcohol Ink Yupo Paper Tag (Detail)

Lift print from the first tag on Distress tag. Removal and Stamping all in one! Gotta love it!

Lift print from the second tag on Distress tag. Such a cool ghosting effect. I may have over stamped on this one.


I hope you enjoyed these photos and they brought you some inspiration. If you can, get your hands on this Alcohol Lift-Ink because it is addicting and so much fun!

Here is the full list of all the goodies I used in my video to make these tags.

Some items are affiliate links and any purchases made thru these links help to fund my youtube videos and websites.

Affiliate Links:

Alcohol Lift-Ink Pad
http://bit.ly/2N3onty (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2NNHw43 (Joggles)

Alcohol Lift-Ink Reinker
http://bit.ly/2NDLR9H (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2Jj94L8 (Joggles)
Archival Ink (Black)
http://bit.ly/2KgJnfr (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2Iq7y9u (Blitsy)

Alcohol Ink (Mushroom, Pebble, Gold,
Caramel, Rust, Crimson, Slate)
http://bit.ly/2NHJhzC (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2L5klDS (Blitsy)

Yupo Paper 8″ x 10″
http://bit.ly/2Jcizvq (Ranger)

Alcohol Ink Blending Solution:
http://bit.ly/2KYnuFj (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2m7AIl9 (Blitsy)

Felt Applicators:
http://bit.ly/2um5t9L (Ranger)

Tim Holtz Distress Tags (Mulit-pack)
http://bit.ly/2m9vtl1 (Ranger)

Tim Holtz Layering Stencils:

http://bit.ly/2N7Ro7B (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2u9Zwxl (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2NG9LBB (Joggles)

http://bit.ly/2NH3bec (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2N6T417 (Joggles)

Tim Holtz Cling Mount Stamp Theories
http://bit.ly/BlitsyTimHoltzTheoriesClingStamp (Bitsy)
http://bit.ly/2KO0y8w(Stampers Anonymous- Non Affiliate Link)

Tim Holtz Cling Mount Stamp Entomology
http://bit.ly/2KA4ZI0 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2KNh3EP(Stampers Anonymous- Non Affiliate Link)

Technique Junkies Stamp “Wasted” (Non-affiliate link)


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Journaling on the Go- Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks 2 & Stamps background

Journaling on the Go- Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks 2 & Stamps background

Hello lovely followers and a Happy 4th of July for those of you in the states.

Today is another art journal Wednesday, but for this week I thought I’d do something different. I have been trying to figure out how to color in some of my favorite stamps for some premade cutouts to keep with me in case I want a quick journal page or to take on the go. I’ve not enjoyed coloring in with watercolors or my markers so far, still figuring that one out. I decided instead to have a play on some of the watercolor paper in my Dina Wakley Mixed Media Journal. I tore out three pages, I gessoed them, I used scribble sticks and my gel plates from the Dina Wakley/Dylusions line to make the background and then I stamped on top of those. I am now addicted. I had so much fun that next, I am going to do the same but use one of my Dylusions journals and Dylusions paints. What I found interesting about the ones I did on the Dina Wakley media paper, is that maybe because they were gessoed and then I used water on them, they softened and I could tear the images out and they left this really soft cotton edge. So if you haven’t tried this method yet, it is a great, fun way to play with your Gelli plates and experiment with the journals you already have. Now I know what your thinking, I TORE OUT PAGES, yes I know it was tough but it made for a very fun afternoon and a new way of looking at my journals.

You can find the full video here on my youtube channel: https://youtu.be/p6v2FNPMEII

Here are photos of the project in three phases. First, you will see the pages with just the scribble stick backgrounds, then the stamped pages, and lastly the torn up pages.

Olive, Peacock, Eggplant

Cheddar, Olive, Eggplant, and Ocean or Peacock (can’t remember!)

Elephant, Eggplant and Marine

Dina Wakley Scribbly Mini Birds and Interesting Faces Stamps

Supply List:

(Below are my affiliate links, all purchases made thru these links help support my youtube channel and website)

Galeria White Gesso Primer
http://bit.ly/2tGyCvP (Blick Art Supplies)

Dina Wakley Small Media Journal
http://bit.ly/2KuNU10 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Iseu65 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2N47SOM (Joggles)

Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks 2
http://bit.ly/2to7eTZ (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2tvvvH6 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2MOtyOF (Joggles)

Black Archival Ink:
http://bit.ly/2KgJnfr (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Iq7y9u (Blitsy)

Wakley Dylusions 3 Gel Plate Set
http://bit.ly/2lDprc7(Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2K9QkmB (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2Kh7VJu (Joggles)

Dina Wakley- Small Scribbly Birdies Stamp
http://bit.ly/2MuQIJd (Ranger Ink)

Dina Wakley- “Interesting Faces” Stamp
http://bit.ly/2IzIDk4 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2N49Kag (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2Isgj2V (Joggles)




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June 2018 Mission Inspiration Art Journal Page

June 2018 Mission Inspiration Art Journal Page


Happy Wendesday. It is time once more for an art journal share. This week’s page comes from the facebook Mission Inspiration group run by Mike Deakin. Each month a set of prompts are given and are used to build the page. The color scheme this month was funky and vibrant, and trying to incorporate some nature turned out to be a great challenge.

You can find my process video here: https://youtu.be/TBLg5wcuhOw

You can read this post on how I made the leaves: DIY PAINTED LEAVES

Here are some still photos of the page to help spark that imagination:

Happy Journaling

This section showcases thru my affiliate links some of the items I used in this project. All proceeds earned when you click thru my link to their website go back into helping me maintin my blog and Youtube channel. Thank you for your support so I can share more fun crafting projects with you.

Find these items on Blitsy:

Find these items at Blick Art Materials:

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