Life Updates

Life Updates

Good Morning,

Happy Friday! TGIF. The month is just flying by folks. Gosh, so much going on and such exciting things ahead. So last weekend I went and visited my parents and got a haul from my favorite craft store (Sorry no photos) this time, but they are having a sale the end of the month and I’ll post what goodies I get there. While I was up visiting my folks I got to see the wild turkey families. All the time I lived in north Florida with my folks the spring had families of wild turkeys in the yard. I posted below a photo of one family just having a stroll down the street. The kids got a new toy from grandma they didn’t want to share that is posted below too.

I also started playing this past week with some of the fabulous new Dyan Reaveley stamps, just stamping them onto white paper and now I’m figuring out what best to color them in with. So far I have been using my limited neocolor II palette but the paper I printed on doesn’t like a lot of water so when I get that one figured out I’ll be sure to post a “best of” for stamping and saving cutouts for your journals.  (Chappie monitored)

As far as events I have started hunting for art retreats and conventions to go to. I am super excited at the end of this month, June, I will be going to Stampefest 2018 in Kissimmee,FL and Tim Holtz will be demoing at the Stampers Anonymous booth. So if it’s allowed I’ll try to get a video and some photos, so stay tuned for that. If you are in the Florida area you should check it out it’s only $10.00 to get in. Click the name above I’ll link to their page.

I also signed up for the Back to Back 2019 art retreat with the fabulous Dina Wakley and Dyan Reaveley in Delray, FL. This will be March 2019 so time to save and time to plan. I’ll line to that as well. I am really checking off my bucket list here folks. Meeting all the wonderful Ranger Ink Signature artists is very exciting and I’ll be sure to do my best to post and blog about it as is allowed.

As for this weekend, I am tucking/locking myself in my studio. I have all these ideas that have been going thru my head and I need to get them out. One is a new set of ornaments or tags for my Etsy shop using Tim Holtz paper dolls. These were inspired by a video I watched about Artist Trading Coins, by Mike Deakin. I thought OMG I have tons of wood discs I could make ornaments with my own style twist. So a sneak shot of that is below.

Also if you follow me next week only I am having a sale in my ETSY shop to help celebrate Etsy’s 13th birthday. Save 25% off your order. ETSY13 is the code so be sure to stop in!

Thanks so much for stopping by and catching up. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on all the latest happenings.


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Back to it after an extended birthday break

Back to it after an extended birthday break


I am back! I turned 35 last week, and after a long weekend of relaxation, I decided to continue that downtime for the remainder of the week. I’ve had a good long rest; I am recharged, and ready to start sharing again.

So, what did I do for my birthday, well I went to the movies of course. I am a huge Marvel fan so I went to see the Avengers. Afterward, I went to a lovely dinner at P.F. Chang with my hubby. I spent the remainder of my weekend just keeping a low profile. I played with the kids (cats) and worked on my stamping inventory, and just enjoyed my birthday presents.

As I start a new chapter of my life though I feel it is time I need to reevaluate my priorities. One of those is making time for me. I want to work on my health (fitness) and do a little more art for me. So I may duck off for a week here or there, and you won’t hear from me, but I”ll be back. Just taking some of that recharge time.

As for birthday presents, well my husband rocks. I received a dozen beautiful roses, the complete line of new Dylusions Shimmer Sprays and the new Dina Wakley metallics. Be sure to stay tuned. The shimmer sprays will be showing up on my YouTube channel. Along with some of the other stamps and treats I received.

Here are some photos from my long weekend.

Holly was really loving my hair product. She was very cuddly.

New Shimmer Sprays!! EEEK!

New Dina Wakley metallic paint tubes!

Chappie overseeing production

Just Stamping Away

Lots of new stamps trimmed and ready for coloring for my travel journals!

As always, so happy you are here! Take a peek around, find some inspiration and I’ll talk to you soon.

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Cinco de Mayo and early birthday weekend in St. Augustine, FL

Cinco de Mayo and early birthday weekend in St. Augustine, FL

Hello There,

This weekend my husband and I took a trip up to St. Augustine to meet friends for lunch and just to have a nice break and day out. We love St Augustine because of the quaintness of the historic town and all the art inspiration around it.

It turned out to be a lovely day with a nice breeze which in Florida nearing summer is a blessing. Some of the highlights were, of course, lunch at the Columbia restaurant with our friends, a trip to my favorite store Earthbound Trading Co. and a necklace purchase (early birthday present)

Below are photos I snapped to remember our day. I hope some of them bring you inspiration and a peek into my world as you start a new work week:

Mosaic tiles from welcome center area:

Beautiful garden behind one of the shops, a hidden treasure:

Goodies from my favorite store, love a good sale and color inspiration

Old architecture around town

Lunchtime at the Columbia Restaurant:

A last minute treat on the way out of town from the Silver Feather jewelry and gift shop. A lovely quartz andcitrine pendant:


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“Inner Whispers” Art Journal Wednesday

“Inner Whispers” Art Journal Wednesday

The last week or so has been pretty stressful. I’ve been very busy in my day job, and I’ve had some testing going on for my cancer screening. It’s just my standard yearly maintenance/follow up, but it weighs heavy on the brain as anyone who has dealt with cancer will know. Needless to say, my mind has been abuzz with those pesky “inner voices”. Those little words of worry and stress. Therefore, I decided it was time to shush them up and turn the negative into a positive.

This week’s art journal Wednesday page was inspired by this. Unlike my typical videos, there is no talking. I just closed my studio door, turned up the toons, popped on the camera, played, and this page was the result.

I used my large Dylusions journal for the first time. I love the paper. I also used Dylusions paints, a stencil from Mike Deakin Art and some digi downloads from Mike Deakin Art. There is also some use of Art Foamies created by Art by Marlene.

Here is the link to the youtube video:

Inner Whispers Art Journal Page

Here are some stills for you:

I hope this page inspires you. It helped to relax me and get those voices calmed. Thanks as always for checking in and happy crafting!

This section showcases thru my affiliate links some of the items I use in this project. All proceeds earned when you click thru my link to their website go back into helping me maintin my blog and Youtube channel. Thank you for your support so I can share more fun crafting projects with you.

Find these items on Blitsy:

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This Weekend – Happy Mail and Recharging

This Weekend – Happy Mail and Recharging

Hello there!
Here we go again, another Monday morning but it’s the start of a fresh week. It’s time to leave last weeks worries behind and start anew.

My weekend was low key, just resting (darn allergies and cold season) and trying to work on a few videos for my YouTube channel. That was of course until my phone overheated and stopped filming. Sigh, the learning curves of life. Time to look for a video camera!

Now, let’s get down to the good stuff. This weekend I received several “Happy Mail” packages. I call them that because even though I ordered the items, its fun when you get them.

One package I received I’m going to share in a separate blog post because it deserves it’s own write up. It’s about ATC’s and Swap Mail!

So the second package was a new delivery of mala beads, cord, and spacers, which means, time to put some new mala necklaces in my Etsy shop!

Below is a sneak peek of two new ones I made. The blue one is using Aquamarine, and the brownish orange one is using Crazy Lace Agate.
These will make their appearance the week of 4/23 in my Etsy store.
(If you want to snag one ahead of time e-mail me)


Some of the new beads and spacers (cute buddha heads):

6mm crazy lace agate, 6mm druzy quartz, 6mm bronzite

6mm black matte agate, 6mm haitian rhodonite

6mm dalmatian jasper, mahogany obsidian, black matte agate and botanical moss agate

The other goodies I got this weekend was my order of new stencils from Mike Deakin Art. I was looking for some Summer/Spring stencils and some more background texture ones, and these were perfect. I got some spring blossoms, a new lotus stencils, a honeycomb, and arrow pattern. See below:

So, be sure to stay tuned because these new stencils mean more art journal pages are coming to my YouTube channel soon.

Have a fabulous week, find a moment each day to be thankful for something and talk to you later.

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Weekend Review: Girl Time & Support Small Business

Weekend Review: Girl Time & Support Small Business

Hello There!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend.

My weekend consisted of much-needed girl time and craft shopping. Two of my favorite things.

On Saturday I got to go to Ulta (the makeup store) which can be kinda overwhelming, but being the good crafter I am, I got stuck in the applicator aisle thinking of all the crafty uses for the foundation sponges and dabbers. (I think I have a problem)

Sunday was filled with brunch and girl talk then I went on a mini art outing. There is a craft store I had been trying to go to, but they happen to be closed on Saturdays, which is when I’m typically in the area. This weekend I thought, this is it, it’s a Sunday they will be open. To my sadness when I got there, they were closed, but there was a note on the door for travelers to call a cell number.

To make a long story short to my delight, it was the owner, and she came and met me and opened up the shop for me!

This is where I say to SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS when you can. True the prices can be a bit more then we find online, but we are supporting a person’s dream, and you get great one on one service. The owner was so nice and knowledgeable; I can’t wait to go back again.

So if you’re in the Volusia County area be sure to stop by and check out
Scrapbook, Crafts and more, also known as Gingham Buttons 2 (Scrapbooks, Stamps, Supplies & Gifts).

Here are some photos of my haul and stay tuned they will be showing up in some of my upcoming videos!

I love the line of darkroom door stamps and was so excited to find them in the store! Have you checked them out? darkroom door

Super excited to find Rose Gold embossing powder and the VersaMarker for writing with embossing gel for embossing. Time to make my cardboard box to use with the new Tim Holtz “Distress Resist Spray”


I couldn’t resist! Cats and then beautiful Mandala stamps!

Can’t wait to play with these as well. I think that curious cat will be showing up soon in my mini art journal!

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