Where have all the good pens gone?

Where have all the good pens gone?

Hello Folks,

Today I am back, and this time I am on a supply hunt. I am on the hunt for the perfect white pen to use in my art journals. Yes, the elusive mission of trying to find a good white pen that will work over medium and on dark journal pages. This post and hunt was prompted by a recent trip to Hobby Lobby in which I purchased some Gelly Roll pens, and some Ranger Letter It pens in the hopes of finding a good white art journaling pen. The funny part about that one that you see in my video is that I didn’t realize the “Letter It” pens were embossing pens. They were black with white caps, and my brain read “white pen.” So lesson learned. That just means though I’ll have to do a tutorial now comparing the Letter It embossing pens to the Versamark embossing pens. Oh darn!

In my testing and review I ended up comparing the Gelly Roll 08 by Sakura, The Dylusions Paint Pen in White linen and Two (2) white posca paint markers in a 3m and 5m size.  I tried all these pens on a Dylusions journal page that had been painted black, a piece of black cardstock, a black Dylusions art journal tag that I had used distressed oxides on and the black Dylusions’s journal.

You can see the results live in my video here: Hunting for the best white art journaling pen

Below are the photo results of the testing:


Order of testing was: Dylusions White Linen Paint Pen, 5m White Posca Paint Marker, 3m White Posca Paint Marker, Letter It pen then the Gelly Roll pen.

Order of testing was: Dylusions White Linen Paint Pen, 5m White Posca Paint Marker, 3m White Posca Paint Marker,and then the Gelly Roll pen.

On the tag the dashes running down the right side and the circles are the Gelly Roll pen, the dashes across the top and flowers around the hole are the Dylusions White Linen paint pen, the lower part of the tag top zigzag is the 3m Posca White Paint Marker, and below that is the 5m Posca White Paint Marker.

From outer ring in was the Gelly Roll Pen, The Dylusions White Linen Paint Pen, The 5m Posca White Paint Marker and lastly the 3M Posca White Paint Marker.


So my final opinion based on testing is that the Gelly Roll was really good I will be using that a lot. The Dylusions White Linen Paint Pen is always lovely when my patience allows it to work properly and the posca pens were okay, they tended to fade.

I hope this little review is helpful and gave you some ideas of what to and maybe not to buy if you were thinking about it. These could all act differently with other mediums under them. Part of the joy of journaling is exploring right!

Thanks for stopping by and happy journaling!


As always listed below are the list of supplies I used to create this page. Some are affiliate links, some are not. Any items bought thru the
affiliate links help support my Youtube channel and blog. I am not paid to promote these items, these are items I grab and use anyway,
so it’s just a little-added bonus that allows me to create and share with you.

Affiliate Links:

Dylusions Paint Pens (White Linen)
http://bit.ly/2p241GZ (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2OaBoCs (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2NCqtEw (Joggles)

Posca White Paint Pen (3m)
http://bit.ly/2QmIB3O (Joggles)

Posca White Paint Pen (5m.1)
http://bit.ly/2x1Waho (Joggles)

Dylusions Black Creative Journal
http://bit.ly/2w126FT (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2nwypIU (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2KLPfNg (Joggles)

Dylusions Black Journaling Tag #12
http://bit.ly/2QmJuta (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2x9TGNc (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2O878Z3 (Joggles)

Non-Affiliate Links:

Sakura Gelly Roll 08 White Pen
http://bit.ly/2Qi6OZ8 (Jetpens.com)

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Tis the season for Yupo Paper and Alcohol Inks, but how do you use them

Tis the season for Yupo Paper and Alcohol Inks, but how do you use them

Good Morning,

With the recent release of Alcohol Lift-Ink by Tim Holtz and Ranger there seems to be a revival of our love for alcohol inks, but with all new products come new questions. Recently I have published two videos to try and help answer or demo how to use certain papers with these products. The first video was testing alcohol ink on plan 5″ x 7″ white Alcohol Ink Yupo cardstock from Ranger. This video came from a question on my Youtube channel where a viewer wanted to know if there was a correct side to using the paper.

Here is the first video if you want to watch the quick demo: Is there a right side to the white cardstock Yupo Paper?

I did a feel test first and both sides felt the same. After testing we saw that the ink did react the same on both pages. It’s  good quick watch if your interest in peaked.

Here is what the results looked like:

Now from this video, another fabulous question came up. How does the alcohol ink react on the translucent Yupo paper. Now I didn’t have any on hand, so I just had to stop by our new Hobby Lobby, coupon in hand, to grab a pack so I could test it out.

From there I did this second video: Testing Alcohol Inks on Yupo and Foil Tape Sheets

In that video, you will see I decided to use Alcohol Ink on three paper types. I had the White Yupo Cardstock, the Translucent Yupo Paper, and the Alcohol Ink Foil Tape Sheets. I figured why not try a few at a time and see how they work. Once the testing was all dry I took out my Alcohol Lift-Ink and gave that a try as well. A two for one special. Below are some stills of the results. I think I may love the translucent Yupo paper now. The wheels are turning.


I hope these videos will help inspire you to grab your alcohol inks and try them on some new substrates for this upcoming fall and holiday season. Thanks so much for stopping by. I’d love to hear and see what you use your alcohol inks for!



Below is the list of items I used in my video

Some items are affiliate links and any purchases
made thru these links help to fund my youtube videos and websites.

Affiliate Links:

Alcohol Ink Mini Applicator Tool:
http://bit.ly/2oFxQx9 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Q7SC59 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2LX8y6T (Joggles)

Alcohol Ink Mini Felt Applicator Refills:
http://bit.ly/2um5t9L (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Ch2mXy (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2NOMuge (Joggles)

Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Yupo Paper – Translucent Sheets 5″ x 7″
http://bit.ly/2NLGipm (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Q6dHwq (Blitsy)

Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Foil Tape Sheets (Adhesive Back)
http://bit.ly/2wGbvDi (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2PwGOIc (Blitsy)

Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Yupo Paper- White Cardstock 5″ x 7″
http://bit.ly/2Ld6lrK (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2uuEA3s (Blitsy)

Alcohol Lift-Ink
http://bit.ly/2N3onty (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2LWr9zP (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2NNHw43 (Joggles)

Alcohol Blending Solution
http://bit.ly/2KYnuFj (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2m7AIl9 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2LWerRM (Joggles)

Alcohol Inks (Valencia, Amethyst, Citrus)
http://bit.ly/2NHJhzC (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2L5klDS (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2KXnG3r (Joggles)

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August 2018 Ranger Ink Mystery Box Unboxing!!!

August 2018 Ranger Ink Mystery Box Unboxing!!!

Happy Wednesday folks!

It’s that time again. I saw a late night post releasing the August Mystery Box by Ranger Ink and I jumped at the chance to have it again. What a great treat to come home to in the middle of a hectic week. I couldn’t wait to open it and I was not disappointed. Lots of great craft supplies to use this coming fall and holiday season. Check it out below and I hope you can snag one next month too!!!

Here is the video: Ranger Ink August Mystery Box Unboxing

Here are some goodie photos:


Here is my affiliate link to the Ranger site Ranger Ink Industries In case you want to go shopping (It helps support my website and Youtube channel, just a fun bonus to playing with supplies I already love! 🙂 )

Items in August Box:

Dylusions Large Cobweb Border Stamp/Stencil Combo

Dylusions Dear Santa Clear Stamps

Ranger Black Cardstock 10 sheets 8 1/2 x 11

Distress Stain in Antiqued Bronze and Tarnished Brass

Stickles in Purple and Gunsmoke

Clear Fabric Medium

Perfect Pearls Mist in Perfect Copper and Biscotti

Stickles glitter glue in Silver and Gold

Stickles Dry Fine Glitter in Thistle and Platinum

Ranger, Liquid pearls in lime green

Thanks for stopping by I hope you snag one next month! If you do tag me would love to see what you get and what you do with it.

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More Art Foamie fun, this time in my black Dylusions journal

More Art Foamie fun, this time in my black Dylusions journal

Hello and happy hump day,

It is Wednesday which means we are halfway thru the week folks, two more days until TGIF!. Today is a share from my black Dylusions art journal. I have not played with this one in a bit. I love this journal though because of its shape. It is an 8″ x 8″ square journal. I often find when I am blocked and not sure what to work on I like to keep a variety of journals because often the shape will call me. I have my square black Dylusions journal, two size landscape Dylusion’s journals,  I have a few of the small travel Dylusions journals in portrait style as well as a large one, also let’s see oh yes the Dina Wakley media journals in small and large, plus some handmade circle journals just to name a few. A journal for every occasion because we can never have too many. I sometimes suffer from that new idea means I have to use a journal that’s not been used syndrome…but I ramble. Coming back now to today’s share, I had these lovely rose prints from my Art Foamies Gelli Prints post that I wanted to use, so I pulled out the black journal and away I went. I used my Dylusions paints and a combo of Dylusions and Dina Wakley stencils.

You can watch my process video here: Art Foamies Dylusions Journal

Below are some stills….I think the splattering was my favorite, I wore it well!


Just some bright colors to brighten up your Wednesday. Thanks so much for stopping by and Happy Journaling!

Supply List

(Below are my affiliate links,all purchases made thru these links
help support my youtube channel and website)

Dylusions Paint (Vibrant Turquoise, White Linen, Pure Sunshine)

http://bit.ly/2NZcxB3 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2KesCRa (Blitsy)

Black Dylusions Journal 8″ x 8″
http://bit.ly/2w126FT (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2nwypIU (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2KLPfNg (Joggles)

Gel Plate (Dylusions/Dina Wakley Collaboration)
http://bit.ly/2lDprc7 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2K9QkmB (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2Kh7VJu (Joggles)

Stencil “Hey You” by Dina Wakley
http://bit.ly/2OZUjRg (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2nu3nkO (Joggles)

Stencil “Diamond in the rough” Large – Dylusions
http://bit.ly/2vDgDZ3 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2MCE3Es (Joggles)

Liquitex Matte Gel Medium

http://bit.ly/2LGXOxr (Blick)

Non-Affiliate Links

Art by Marlene: Rose (Art Foamie)

Art by Marlene:Fenced (Art Foamie)

White Posca Pen
https://amzn.to/2MSpAVt (Amazon)

Black Stabilo Pencil (Water Soluble)
https://amzn.to/2K2Ra4y (Amazon)



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Breaking out the art foamies and my dylusions paints

Breaking out the art foamies and my dylusions paints

Hello, there crafty folks,

It’s art journal Wednesday and this week I kept it short and sweet. I have been tired lately from day job work and I needed a little unwind one evening. I just received a new batch of Art Foamies and I decided getting paint all over me was just what I needed. For this project I:

  1. Grabbed two sheets of mixed media paper
  2. Took out several of my favorite dylusions paint colors
  3. Used my new gelli plates from the Dylusions Dina Wakley collaboration
  4. Picked two new art foamies to use.

I first applied the Dylusions paints to my Gelli plate, only 2-3 colors at a time and then flipped it onto the mixed media paper to make the background. This was quick, messy and fun!. I then grabbed my Art Foamies and dabbed them in black paint and stamped them onto my paper. I was first using my Gelli plate as my palette but that just didn’t hold enough paint for me. I then switched to by stamp buddy (the applicator that comes with the art foamies) and that did the trick. I did one sheet with a rose and the other with a start. I have really been in the mood lately to just make backgrounds and use my stamps on them to stash away for ATC swaps, happy mail, journal swaps or just for use later for a quick page.

You can see the photos below of how they turned out

Also here is my process video to get more detail on how I got these looks: https://youtu.be/YYGsfW91D_k


As always thanks for stopping by and I’d love to hear from you. Let me know if there are other posts you’d like to see, projects, how-to’s or just say hello.

Supply List

(Below are my affiliate links, all purchases made thru these links
help support my youtube channel and website)

Dylusions Paint (Black, Turquoise, Crushed Grape, Pure Sunshine, Fresh Lime,
Cherry Pie)

http://bit.ly/2NZcxB3 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2KesCRa (Blitsy)

Dylusions/Dina Wakley Gelli Plate Kit
http://bit.ly/2lDprc7 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2K9QkmB (Blitsy)

Non-Affiliate Links

Art Foamies Website

Art by Marlene: Rose

Art by Marlene:Star Bright


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It’s Art Journal Wednesday with a Sewing Machine Art Journal Crossover share!

It’s Art Journal Wednesday with a Sewing Machine Art Journal Crossover share!


Phew, what a week last week was. I was on vacation but had family in town and it was wonderful. I got to spend some really great quality time with my niece and nephews and spend a day at the beach, a few days in the pool. We really all need that, to just unplug every so often to recharge. Well I am back with a new art journal share this week. It’s not alcohol lift-ink this time, I thought I would give you folks a break and do something in my Dina Wakley Media Journal with scribble sticks, art tags and my sewing machine. That’s right, you heard me, I put my journal thru the sewing machine and I am hooked. The wheels are churning and more goodies i’m sure will follow now that I have a taste for it.

You can watch the video here: https://youtu.be/Gdi7V59A9aE

Here are some shots of the journal page. Such fun!

If you notice the girls face is from my previous post on Dina Wakley backgrounds:http://sidestreetdesign.com/2018/07/journaling-on-the-go-dina-wakley-scribble-sticks-stamps-background/

I hope these photos will get those wheels turning and you will try your own hand at sewing in your journal and play with new mediums together.

If you want to find the goodies I used here is my supply list:

(Below are my affiliate links,all purchases made thru these links
help support my youtube channel and website)

Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks 2
http://bit.ly/2to7eTZ (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2tvvvH6 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2MOtyOF (Joggles)

Dylusions and Dina Wakley Gelli Plate Set
http://bit.ly/2KuNU10 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Iseu65 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2N47SOM (Joggles)

Archival Ink- Black
http://bit.ly/2KgJnfr (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Iq7y9u (Blitsy)

White Picket Fence- Distress Ink Pad
http://bit.ly/2Jsn4SL (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2uzuo9P (Blitsy)

Dina Wakley Media Acrylic Paint- Penny 1 oz
http://bit.ly/2KYBoI9 (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2NlYJ3x (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2Jqob5z (Joggles)

Non-Affiliate Links

Brother Sewing Machine XR3774
https://amzn.to/2L2zhmM (Amazon)

Sticky Thumb Dots (Adhesive dots)
https://amzn.to/2K9k17l (Amazon)

Technique Junkies Stamp- Wasted (Grunge Background)

Technique Junkies Stamp- Stencil Rings



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