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My husband and I just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary last weekend, and although we dreamed of going on an eating tour of Italy that is a long-term goal. Instead, we took advantage of the fact that we live in Florida and decided to travel the world in another way. We went to Epcot and explored all the countries during their Food and Wine festival. It was amazing to see the art in the setup of all these countries. The architecture was beautiful, and the food was amazing. We had lunch in Italy, and dinner in France! Can’t get much better than that. Some of my favorite countries were Mexico, Italy, and France. Below will give you a peek into all that inspired me on this little getaway so close to home:

Adventures in “THE LAND”- Beautiful Mural and inside vibrant colored Air Ballons

Then a trip to ITALY for lunch

After Lunch more exploring :

(The ball was perfectly framed in Italy by the arch)


Beautiful tile work, then off to Germany

Then a stop in Norway where I made a new friend and was awed by the beautiful wood working.

Then a final stop in Mexico:

And after ALL that walking we had our Dinner in France:

Thanks for stopping in and going on this journey with me. I hope that some of these photos will inspire you like they did me!