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Swap mail is a great way to make new artist friends. A quick search on facebook for artist trading card groups (ATC) will allow you to find other artists willing to share these tiny treasures with you.

An artist trading card (ATC) is a small card that is only 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ and can be made from any material you choose, but typically it is on paper. Most groups will have a monthly theme to help determine what will be on the card, and then a quantity as well whether it’s 1 or 2. Two people get paired, and there is a deadline you must mail the cards out by.
Now it is not required, but often the traders will put extra goodies in the cards for their partner.

This last month in April I swapped with a friend that lives in Sweden. We met thru an ATC exchange and now swap several times a year. It is always fun.

So our theme for April was Spring and below are the cards I sent her.

They were watercolor paper, with scrapbook paper, Tim Holtz paper dolls and some lovely embossed flowers.

Then I received her wonderful cards and goodies.

As noted in swaps you don’t have to add anything other than your cards but it’s nice to add a little extra surprise for your partner. It can be something from your area they may not have where they live. You can put in scraps of paper or some ephemera from your stash. It really is a great way to share Happy Mail and meet other people.

Happy Trading!

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