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Hello there!
Here we go again, another Monday morning but it’s the start of a fresh week. It’s time to leave last weeks worries behind and start anew.

My weekend was low key, just resting (darn allergies and cold season) and trying to work on a few videos for my YouTube channel. That was of course until my phone overheated and stopped filming. Sigh, the learning curves of life. Time to look for a video camera!

Now, let’s get down to the good stuff. This weekend I received several “Happy Mail” packages. I call them that because even though I ordered the items, its fun when you get them.

One package I received I’m going to share in a separate blog post because it deserves it’s own write up. It’s about ATC’s and Swap Mail!

So the second package was a new delivery of mala beads, cord, and spacers, which means, time to put some new mala necklaces in my Etsy shop!

Below is a sneak peek of two new ones I made. The blue one is using Aquamarine, and the brownish orange one is using Crazy Lace Agate.
These will make their appearance the week of 4/23 in my Etsy store.
(If you want to snag one ahead of time e-mail me)


Some of the new beads and spacers (cute buddha heads):

6mm crazy lace agate, 6mm druzy quartz, 6mm bronzite

6mm black matte agate, 6mm haitianĀ rhodonite

6mm dalmatian jasper, mahogany obsidian, black matte agate and botanical moss agate

The other goodies I got this weekend was my order of new stencils from Mike Deakin Art. I was looking for some Summer/Spring stencils and some more background texture ones, and these were perfect. I got some spring blossoms, a new lotus stencils, a honeycomb, and arrow pattern. See below:

So, be sure to stay tuned because these new stencils mean more art journal pages are coming to my YouTube channel soon.

Have a fabulous week, find a moment each day to be thankful for something and talk to you later.

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