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Hello Folks,

With only about three months to go, I decided this year I was going to get a head start on making my handmade Chrismas cards to send out. With the new alcohol lift-ink out, I had visions of beautiful mottled backgrounds with lifted snowflakes and ornaments that would have embossing on top. I decided to give it a whirl and well I learned what to do and what not to do. What happened was I made the backgrounds using the Ranger Ink 5″ x 7″ alcohol Ink Yupo white cardstock trimmed down a little. I then applied alcohol inks and alcohol blending solution. Once it was dry I used the alcohol lift-ink to add ornaments and snowflakes. One key item I have been finding while playing with the alcohol lift-ink is that the metallics do not lift easily. Sometimes they won’t lift at all, other times it takes extra elbow grease. Just a note if you plan to use a lot of shimmery metallics on your pages, they may not react to the alcohol lift-ink. Well once I had my pretty background I was super excited. I then wanted to add my embossing and use that to add the messages. I started on the snowflake card background. I used VersaMark embossing ink with a Tim Holtz season’s greetings stamp, and some ranger ink embossing powder. I then brought in the heat gun, and this is where it went south. I think I just didn’t keep it moving enough and it melted my paper. I was so saddened, but it was a lesson learned. I then moved onto the other paper that had the ornaments on it. For this one, I used a stamp again with my VersaMark embossing ink and the ranger heat gun instead of the embossing gun. It worked, this time. It did want to try to buckle I just kept letting it cool in between.

So here are the lessons learned:

  1. The metallic alcohol inks won’t always lift with the alcohol lift-ink
  2. Embossing on Yupo Paper- slow and steady. My embossing heat tool melted the Yupo paper, while the ranger heat tool didn’t

If you want to see the video of how the process worked you can check it out on my Youtube Channel: Alcohol Lift Ink Yupo Paper Embossing What Not to Do

Below are some stills of the cards and how they turned out:

I hope this post will help you when you go to try embossing on Yupo paper. I wanted to still share my mishap in the hopes of helping to save other’s lovely projects.

Thanks so much for reading my post. I look forward to catching up with you again soon.


Below is a list of all the supplies I used to make these two card backgrounds.

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