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I’m back!…. Well almost back!

Hi guys. I am so happy to be typing to you again and sharing with you. I became sick just before Christmas and it knocked me for a loop. I was sick for over three weeks and I am finally on the tail end of it. Lots of good things going on in 2019. Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for little behind the scenes snippets and treats.

The reason I pulled out the laptop tonight to sit with you guys is to let you know I have a new project. One which I am very excited for. I have created a new facebook monthly challenge group. I sat down and made a three-page list of prompts, which you can download for free. You can use this list as you like to help you on your creative journey or you can follow along with me each month. On the second Saturday of each month, I will pull five main prompts and two alternate prompts. I will then create a piece of art. The video will be on my youtube channel and I will make up a card with the prompts to post in the facebook group. In the group, you can share your art you make. I really look forward to connecting with you guys this way in the new year.

You can watch my intro video here that talks a little more about the prompts here: New Monthly Inspiration Prompt Group

You can download the master prompt file here: Master Prompt File

Come join the facebook group here: Side Street Design Studio

I can’t wait to see you guys there!

PS stay tuned my studio is in makeover mode again so before and after photos will be coming along soon!

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