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Hello Folks,

I am back and ready for Valentine’s Day. This week over on my Youtube channel I released Two (2) How to videos that tie in together. For Valentine’s Day this year I wanted to make handmade wrapping paper. Otherwise, I buy a roll and it sits for a few years to be used up, and also it’s another way to get messy in my craft studio.

To start the project I needed some heart shaped stamps I could use to stamp on paper with paint.  I didn’t want to use my silicone or red rubber stamps and risk ruining them so I made some craft foam stamps. The process was very easy. I had some craft foam I had purchased at Michaels while it was on sale. I used:

One(1) sheet of 1/4″ thick craft foam (9″ x 12″) (this will be the “backer block”)
One(1) sheet of 1/8″ thick craft foam with sticky adhesive on the back (9″ x 12″) (this will be for the stamp)

I traced on the paperback of the 1/8″ foam the shape of the heart I wanted. I then cut it out. This was the adhesive foam sheet.
I placed the shape on the thicker foam and cut a square around it. The square thick foam backer was key so I’d have enough room to hold the stamp to use it. I then took off the adhesive backing on the thinner sheet and stuck it to the thicker background. Voila, instant foam stamp.

Tip: I found when I went to dip these in the paint(which I had spread thinly onto a gelli plate with a brayer), that it wouldn’t always get good coverage. So I started using the brayer to apply the paint to the stamp and it worked much better.

You can find the video on the stamps here: How to make a craft foam stamp

This is what the stamps looked like

Now. The next part of this was to make the wrapping paper. I had a large roll of brown craft paper I bought on Amazon (a link is below in the supply section). Here is what I used:

1. a 24″ x 30″ piece of brown craft paper
2. Two (2) handmade heart stamps
3. Three (3) colors of Dina Wakley media paint
4. A Gelli plate
5. A brayer

From there all I did was put a color on the Gelli plate, roll the brayer thru it, and then used the brayer to apply paint to the stamp and start stamping.  I also took the heart stamp and stamped it on some watercolor paper, then trimmed it out leaving a 1/4″ border of white so I could punch a small hole. This became the tag for the present. Once I wrapped the present I added hemp twine around it and added the tag at the bow.

You can watch the video process of the papermaking here: Hand Painted Wrapping Paper

Here are some photos of the papermaking and final look for you:


I hope this easy DIY project will inspire you to break out your foam supplies and try your own hand at making some homemade wrapping paper. I enjoyed it so much I may try to make some for Christmas this year as well! Stay tuned!


Below are the supplies that went into making the wrapping paper: