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As I type this post for you today it is a stormy day in Florida. Rain all afternoon, the wind blowing, so it felt like a good time to pour some tea and have a chat with you folks. When you read this it will be the second Saturday of May and as it turns out that is my birthday! That’s right I will be turning 36 this year. As I look back on the year so far it’s been a bit of a hectic start, but there has been good in the year too. February marked my 5 years being cancer free! What a way to start out my 36th year. I also look back to this time last year, I was just starting my blog and my youtube channel, only 5 months in. Then I had 16 followers on youtube and I thought am I crazy to do this. Flash forward to now I have 350 followers on youtube and many lovely followers on my blog as well. So on my birthday I just want to say thank you. Thank you to my followers and friends for sticking with me and stopping by to see what is new. You are the reason I keep going, and with that let’s jump into this month’s challenge page!

It’s the second Saturday in May, which means over on the Side Street Design Studio Facebook Group I have released the May prompt card and challenge. If you would like to follow along please be sure to click this link, and head on over to the page and join in the fun. You can easily download the prompt card there and post your own version of art. Join us as we strive to think outside the box each month and come up with new ways to love our favorite supplies.

Here were this month’s prompts:

So for this month, I am really into my new Dina Wakley Media White journal. The paper is heavy duty and you can really make a mess in it. The small 6″ x 6″ size makes it ideal for quick journal pages and travel. I am also trying to work harder to put more of me in my journaling. I love photos and I use to be huge on scrapbook albums but not the days get so busy I don’t sit to do the scrapbooking I use to. That’s why I was happy to have pulled the prompt to “use a personal photo” in this month’s journal. It is a quick and fun way to capture moments in time. Some of the supplies I ended up using this month were Dina Wakley Media Paint in peacock, magenta, lime, and buff. I used her new stencils X’s and Cat Head. I threw in a little stabillo scribbling and of source Dina Wakley Media Collage Tissue Paper for my ephemera and quote.

You can watch the process video on my Youtube channel: May 2019 Side Street Design Studio Prompt Challenge

Here are photos of the finished page:

The lime and magenta were new colors for me and boy oh boy are they now my favorite. I loved how they really just popped off the page and accented the black and white.

I hope you will join in the fun and that I will see your art over in the facebook group. Thanks for stopping by and sharing my birthday with me. Hugs!


Below you will find a list of all supplies used. Please note these are affiliate links which means I do receive a small percentage of purchases made. The proceeds go to help run the blog and my youtube channel so I can keep sharing my passion with my crafting family. Thank you.


If you can’t see the thumbnail images of the supplies you can follow the link to the list here: Product List