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Well friends I see it has been quite a while since I came on the website and chatted with you. Last we talked I was opening a vintage booth. That led me to go full bore into selling vintage online and that kind of took over things. Then Covid hit and as for all of us, everything got turned upside down. With working on trying to grow my Etsy business my art has been put to the side honestly. I did get to take some wonderful Dyan Reavely online classes for a bit there and then things got back to semi-normal. As of January 2021 I did close my vintage booth I was excited to open in 2019. It was a great learning experience but now I am just fully online and in 2021 I began also selling on ebay. So I just wanted to pop on and say that I do hope to be getting back to art and I do hope to be posting for you here again but you may start to see a mix of vintage and art as those are both of my loves.

Thanks for stopping in. Talk to you soon.