Dina Wakley Media White Journal and Collage Tissue

Dina Wakley Media White Journal and Collage Tissue

Hello, my crafting family,

It is so good to be back with you. I have been ill for about five weeks and just not in my studio at all. I am finally feeling like my old self again and so happy to be back journaling with you. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying the spring weather. Today I am going to share some work I am doing in the new Dina Wakley Media White Journal. This is her new small journal released in 2019. I was able to start playing with this journal at a recent retreat I went to with Dina Wakley and Dyan Reaveley. I thought I would use this journal now to practice color use, composition and when I want to do a quick two-page spread. Working small just makes it fit better into our hectic schedules.

The best way to see how I made this page is to watch my Youtube video: Collage Tissue page in the Dina Wakley Media White Journal

I will try my best to give you a general idea of my process below:

First I printed some helpful sheets from the Ranger Ink website to catalog my Dina Wakley Media Paints (sheet for colors) and then I also printed the Dina Wakley Color Theory packet (theory packet).

For my composition, I decided I wanted to use triadic colors so I took out my Dina Wakley Media paints and Scribble Sticks in Peacock, Cheddar, and Eggplant. I also grabbed Mineral as I wanted a neutral. I used the mineral and eggplant to do a general wash on the back of the page. I then brought out my Ranger Ink Gelli plate and used that in combination with the Dina Wakley x’s and petals stencils to create patterns on the plates to add to my background. I used gel plate rollers and brushes to add color thru the stencils on the plate. I also used white Dina Wakley tags to lift off some of the paint thru the stencils so I could add other colors and then used the Gelli plate as a stamp for my journal.

Once I had the page fully dry from all the background layers I took out the collage tissue. I tore up some strips of the script collage tissue, and using the Dina Wakley Gel Medium I applied them to the page. I then took some of the blank tissue that comes in the packet and stamped images on it from the new Dina Wakley Media Soul Whisperings stamp set in black archival ink. Now before I applied my stamped images down I took out my cheddar scribble stick and wet the end of a brush and used that to splatter. Then I dried the page well and then added my focal images and quote.

To close out the page I drew a border around the pages with my Stabilo all pencil. I find I love adding borders now as a way to frame the page.

Here are the finished shots of the page.

So with four colors and some collage paper, I had a quick journal page. This was a very relaxing project and I am hooked on the Dina Wakley Collage Tissue Paper. It is such an easy way to add layers and texture and to get your hands messy! Now it’s your turn to break out some of your favorite colors and explore. Enjoy!

I also want to make sure I give a shout out to the wonderful Dina Wakley. Now if you don’t know who she is and you want to learn more about her I will post her link to her website just below. If you want to learn more about some of what I did in this video I was inspired by my retreat classes with her so be sure to check out when she is coming to your area and take a class with her. These wonderful teachers Dina Wakley and Dyan Reaveley earn their living by teaching and sharing their love of creating so definitely take a class from them and let’s keep supporting them!

Dina Wakley’s Website

Dyan Reaveley’s Website

Below you will find my affiliate links to the supplies I used. Please note if you make a purchase thru these links I do receive a small portion of the purchase. The funds from this help me continue to grow and run this blog and my Youtube channel. Thank you for your continued support!

You can also try this direct link if the thumbnails are not showing up for you: Product List

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Tim Holtz Paper Doll Masculine Birthday Card

Tim Holtz Paper Doll Masculine Birthday Card


Today I have an easy card share for you. This card I made for my father for his birthday. I wanted to do something handmade with a cool vintage flair. I used Distress Oxide Spray, a Tim Holtz Paper Doll, letter stamps and an Artfoamie stamp for the background. Here’s how it went:

1. I used a piece of Canson watercolor paper to ensure it was heavy duty enough for the sprays
2. The background of the card was sprayed with Distress Oxide Sprays in Faded Jeans, Walnut Stain, and Vintage photo.
3. I misted the background with my Distress Sprayer to get the oxides moving and then dried it with my heat tool.
4. Once the page was dried I took out my “Rustic” artfoamie stamp by Cat Kerr I sprayed the stamp with water then pressed it on the paper to lift
some of the Distress Oxide Spray. I found the less water I used the better it turned out, less runny. I stamped all across the front and back until I had a uniform pattern.
5. I then dried the whole piece again with my heat tool.
6. I picked out a large “doll” from The Tim Holtz Paper Doll line and I placed it using dimensional foam dots on the right side of the page.
7. I then used my set of Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous “Worn Text” lettering, Tonic Stamp Platform and my Distress Archival Ink in Black Soot and I stamped Happy Birthday along the left side of the card.

That was all it took to create this unique handmade masculine birthday card.

You can see the whole process video on my youtube channel:  How to make a Tim Holtz masculine paper doll birthday card

Here are photos of the finished piece:

I hope this card will give you some ideas of how you can use your Tim Holtz Paper Doll ephemera in new ways. I know for me I easily use the lady dolls but am never quite sure what to do with the men ones. This would also be a great way to make a Father’s Day card an use one of the older gentlemen in the package. Happy Making

Below is my affiliate list of the supplies I used for this project. Affiliate means if you make a purchase through these links I receive a small share of the sale.  This helps support my Youtube Channel and Blog so I can keep sharing my love of creating with you all. Thank you.

For those of you on a mobile device if you can’t see the list of supplies, you can use this link here to get to them: Supplies for Masculine Paper Doll Birthday Card

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April 2019 Monthly Inspiration Challenge Art Journal Page

April 2019 Monthly Inspiration Challenge Art Journal Page

It’s the second Saturday in April, which means over on the Side Street Design Studio Facebook Group I have released the April prompt card and challenge. If you would like to follow along please be sure to click this link, and head on over to the page and join in the fun. You can easily download the prompt card there and post your own version of art. Join us as we strive to think outside the box each month and come up with new ways to love our favorite supplies.

Here were this month’s prompts:

Now this month was really a challenge for me. The coins I picked out really narrowed the field with only being allowed to use two colors, but I made it work. Just because the prompt says two colors doesn’t mean you can’t use various tones of that color. Also black and white are neutrals so you can add those as accents. This type of prompt was also a great way to start digging into that magazine collage stash I have been hoarding for just the right day. That was one of my goals this year by setting up these monthly prompts. I wanted to help mix old with new and destash some of my goodies.

To get the full scoop you can watch my video over on youtube: April 2019 SSDS Monthly prompt challenge

Here are photos of the finished journal page. Loved the color combo!

I really loved this page in the end. I had so much fun in my large Dylusions journal. I combined Tim Holtz Collage Tissue with Dylusions Paint, some Tim Holtz Stamps and a magazine rose. A really fun and easy journal page. You can find a full list of all the supplies I used below in case you’d like to add some to your stash or just to see if you have some of the items I used. (Please note: these are affiliate links which means any purchases made thru them I receive a small percentage of and that helps me to keep running this blog and my Youtube channel, and sharing my love of art with you)

If you are reading this on a mobile phone and  can’t see the supply list, you can use this link: Link to list of supplies

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Tim Holtz Paper Doll Transparent Wings ATCs

Tim Holtz Paper Doll Transparent Wings ATCs


I am so excited to share this week’s post with you. This week I am sharing some ATC’s (Artist Trading Cards) I made for the Back to Back 2019 Retreat I went to.
If you don’t know what ATC’s are, They are 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ cards that artists make to share with each other. Sometimes there is a theme, but for this retreat it could be anything. I had just received a package of the fabulous Tim Holtz Idea-ology Transparent Wings and knew right away I wanted to make some fairy themed cards. I tend to hoard my Tim Holtz paper dolls, I just love vintage photos. Artist Trading Cards are such a handy way to use up some of the smaller “dolls” that come in the package. Now I had a lot of steps in this project so the best way to see them all will be to watch my video. I will break down a little below what I did so you get the general idea.

I started with a large 11″ x 15″ piece of heavy weight watercolor paper. I then used my Tim Holtz Matte Collage Medium to glue on some pieces of happy mail scrapbook paper bits to add some dimension and texture to the background. Here I made a mistake though, I knew I wanted to use the Distress Spray Stains but not having used them before I forgot that they need a porous surface. You will see in the video that as I added water the sprays just washed off my page. They did stick to some areas that hadn’t gotten the medium on them but overall it wasn’t my ideal result. I then improvised. I got out my Dylusions paints and did some splattering on the background in pink, blue, green and orange. The main thing to keep in mind when you are making a large background for a large stash of ATC’s is that what you see is not what you will get. Once the paper is all cut up you will have lots of unique backgrounds that end up looking really net compared to the “mess” the original page is.

The one large sheet of paper yielded eighteen (18) cards for me. What I did was I poured out my Paper dolls onto my desktop and just started grabbing a paper doll and a background and I did this for about an hour (not on video) until I felt I had matched up all the people I liked to an appropriate background. I then worked the cards one at a time. I would add the paper doll and then add some accents. I used washi tape on some, a stabilo all pencil on others to add some texture, I added stamping where needed for background. I also added the Tim Holtz Idea-ology Transparent Wings.  All the cards I edged with a color of Distress Archival Ink and finished with a quote from the Tim Holtz Small Talk booklet.

You can see my full video on my youtube channel: Tim Holtz Paper Doll Transparent Wings ATCs

Below are photos of the finished cards:

I hope you are as excited as I was for these little fairy ATC’s. I think they were a great way to bring in some Spring to the season and use up some of those bits in my studio I’ve been holding on to.

Below you can find all the products I used thru my affiliate links with scrapbook.com, ranger.com, joggles.com, blitsy.com  and blick art supplies.  Be sure to grab your Tim Holtz Transparent Wings while you can. They are a hot item this season.

Happy Crafting!



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Frida Kahlo Embossed Gelli Printed Greeting Card

Frida Kahlo Embossed Gelli Printed Greeting Card


I am joining you today after a whirlwind of a weekend. I made it thru the fabulous Back to Back Retreat here in Florida (more to come on that later) and I am fueled up on coffee and ready to share with you a handmade greeting card. I love this card because I love Frida Kahlo and I wanted to incorporate her into some happy mail. I also needed to make a quick card and this one I believe took me less than 10 minutes to make.

Here is what I did.
1. I pulled out my Gelli plate (12″ x 14″ but smaller is fine)
2. I applied some Dina Wakley Media paint in Peacock and Gilt
3. I used my brayer to roll it on the plate evenly.
4. I cut down a piece of watercolor 140lb paper to the size of a card (5″ x 6 1/2″)
5. I applied the card face opened so it was one page to the Gelli plate and did a lift.
6. I dried the surface of the card well.
7. Next, I took my Versamark ink pad and dabbed it thru my Frida Kahlo Stencil then removed the stencil.
8. I help the card over a coffee filter and poured Ranger Ink Gold Tinsel embossing powder over the area I had embossed.
9. I then used my heat gun to heat and set the embossing powder.
10. To finish the piece I added a Tim Holtz Small Talk quote and outlined it with a gold marker.

In ten minutes and only ten steps, I had a glittery handmade greeting card to send with my happy mail.

You can see the process video on my youtube channel here: Frida Kahlo Embossed Greeting Card

Below are some close-ups and stills of the card:


So this post is just showing you another fun way you can use those Gelli plates. You can use them to make an abstract background for a simple greeting or add some shimmer with embossing. A quick sentiment and you are all set. With ten minutes you can put a smile on the face of someone you care about.

For a full list of supplies used please see the below thumbnails (please note these are affiliate links so if you buy something thru a link I receive a small percentage that helps me keep my Youtube and blog running so I can share my love of creating with you)

Thank you for joining me and Happy Crafting!

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