January 2019 Monthly Inspiration Challenge Art Journal Page

January 2019 Monthly Inspiration Challenge Art Journal Page


I am so excited to share this page with you today. This is the first page from my new Side Street Design Studio Group where each month I release a set of prompts to create a piece of art. I started this group as a way to share art with others and see what they do. It will also help me to keep using many of my art supplies that might otherwise collect dust. Also, a monthly challenge is just good for those creative juices. It gets us out of our comfort zone, combining things we may not have combined before and making a big fabulous mess.

If you are interested in joining in on the monthly fun here is the link to the facebook group: Facebook Group

Here is a link to the prompt card if you would like to participate:  Prompt Card to Download

Here is a link to my Youtube Video so you can see how I made my piece: January 2019 Monthly Challenge

This challenge was a great way for me to break the ice and start back to work in my journals after the holiday break. I tried to stick to mainly Dina Wakley Ranger Ink supplies for this challenge as I knew they would all flow together nicely.

Even though the first prompt was to work on a canvas I tried to think outside my box, originally I was going to use an actual canvas but then I remembered the canvas fabric in my Large Dina Wakley Media journal and everything flowed from there.

Here are some photos of my finished piece:

I really loved how the colors turned out and I only used scribble sticks or the Dina Wakley media paints in matching colors. By limiting my supplies it really freed me up to create a very soothing and inspirational piece.

I hope you will join me next month for February’s challenge, I can’t wait to see what you create!


You can find all the supplies I used below::


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New Facebook Monthly Inspiration Challenge Group

New Facebook Monthly Inspiration Challenge Group

I’m back!…. Well almost back!

Hi guys. I am so happy to be typing to you again and sharing with you. I became sick just before Christmas and it knocked me for a loop. I was sick for over three weeks and I am finally on the tail end of it. Lots of good things going on in 2019. Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for little behind the scenes snippets and treats.

The reason I pulled out the laptop tonight to sit with you guys is to let you know I have a new project. One which I am very excited for. I have created a new facebook monthly challenge group. I sat down and made a three-page list of prompts, which you can download for free. You can use this list as you like to help you on your creative journey or you can follow along with me each month. On the second Saturday of each month, I will pull five main prompts and two alternate prompts. I will then create a piece of art. The video will be on my youtube channel and I will make up a card with the prompts to post in the facebook group. In the group, you can share your art you make. I really look forward to connecting with you guys this way in the new year.

You can watch my intro video here that talks a little more about the prompts here: New Monthly Inspiration Prompt Group

You can download the master prompt file here: Master Prompt File

Come join the facebook group here: Side Street Design Studio

I can’t wait to see you guys there!

PS stay tuned my studio is in makeover mode again so before and after photos will be coming along soon!

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My Top 10 Favorite Supplies of 2018

My Top 10 Favorite Supplies of 2018

Hello, my dear followers,

As I write this 2018 is coming to a close. This was my first full year of blogging as well as the first full year for my Youtube channel. It has been such a wonderful adventure and I have loved sharing all my projects with you guys. I learned a lot this year and I gained lots of fun supplies that are new to me but may be old favorites for you guys. I thought, what better way to close out 2018 then reflect on some of my favorite supplies, do a top ten for you and share a look back on projects I made with them.

Let’s hop right in and get started!

First on my list is the Ranger Ink- Dina Wakley- Large Media journal: at first I had the regular size one, then I was gifted this one by my hubby for Valentine’s day and I love it. Whenever I want a challenge I just pull it out and see where the page takes me. I enjoy having such a large area to work on

In this video I did a full page spread of a Ganesh image in the journal: Watch Video

In this next video, I actually sewed in the journal! Now that was a fun challenge: Watch Video

Second on my list are the Ranger Ink- Dina Wakley- Media Scribble Sticks- Set 2. The colors in this set really called to me and are the main reason I purchased them. I will admit at first I struggled with them when I was just trying to apply them dry to the paper and then add water. Later though as I learned to wet them first, I found I really loved how smooth they were, the vibrancy and they turned into great watercolor pigments for my Holiday cards.

In this video I used my Scribble Sticks 2 to color in some Dina Wakley Stamps for pre-made on the go images: Watch Video

In this video I used my Scribble Sticks 2 to color in Christmas notecards: Watch Video 

Third on my list is the Tonic Studios- Tim Holtz- Stamp Platform. Now this one I was hesitant to buy as I was doing a lot in my art journals and on canvas and you can’t stick a journal easily into the stamp platform. I came around though and found this product wonderful for making tags, pre-stamping images to cut up for coloring later and it saved me at Christmas this year with my card making.

I used the stamp platform on this mermaid Alcohol lift-ink background: Watch video 

I also used the stamp platform to create these cute embossed Cat Christmas Cards: Watch Video

Fourth on my list is Alcohol Lift-Ink I really love the versatility of this product and how nothing is wasted, what you remove if you are using a stamp can be restamped on another image and you end up with two projects instead of one.

I use Alcohol Lift- Ink to create some custom tags in this video: Watch Here

I also tried to think outside the box with the Alcohol Lift-Ink and used it with my art foamies too! Watch Here

Fifth on my list is Distress Resist Spray. When this came out I was really hooked I love that you can use it thru stencils to create unique textured backgrounds or spray it ahead of time to save a background you love before working over top of it.

I used it on this mini journal spread page to create a bohemian stencil background: Watch Here

I also used it on this tag to create a Victorian style patterned background with a floral stencil: Watch Here

Sixth and Seventh on my list as they go hand in hand are Distress Oxides and Distress Micro-Glaze. I am addicted to Distress Oxides and they are my go-to supply for background and stamping. Then when I discovered the micro-glaze that can seal the Distress Oxide it made them my favorite tool in my kit.

I used Distress Oxides and Micro-Glaze to create these Halloween Artist Trading Cards: Watch Video

I used DIstress Oxides and Micro-Glaze to make these quick fall leaves on my Cricut: Watch Video

Eighth on my list is Dylusions Paint. Next, to my Distress Oxides these are my favorite paint to use especially on any Dylusions Paper.

I made this full page spread in one of my Dylusions Journals using the paints: Watch Here

Here is a sample of a Gelli background I made using my Dylusions paints: Watch Here

Ninth on my list is Dylusions Shimmer Spray. These I use sparingly as I love them and hate to use them up. I went from paper to 3D with my sprays this year using them in journals, tags and then on some Tim Holtz Woodland Trees for the holidays!

I tested shimmer sprays in my black Dylusions journal to make this page: Watch Here

I also tried them on a black tag: Watch Here

Lastly, I used them to make beautiful Christmas Trees: Watch Here

Last but not least the tenth item on my list is the Tonic Studios- Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat. Now I don’t have a particular video for this one but since I purchased this mat halfway thru the year you can see it in many of the videos on my Youtube Channel

I hope you enjoyed my little recap of some of my 2018 projects. I have more treats in store for you in 2019 including starting my own facebook journal group with monthly prompts. I will post on that when it is up and running. I also hope to be releasing new stencils this year and bringing you at leat 5-6 vidoes a month starting in February.

Currently my studio is in the year end overall phase (which means I can’t find an empty tabletop), I also purchased some new ikea furntiure for storage and I will share those before and after photos with you soon.

Thanks for following along guys and here’s to a fantastic 2019!


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Vintage Santa Etcetera Tag Ornament

Vintage Santa Etcetera Tag Ornament


As I write this post my heart is sad just a tiny bit knowing Christmas is only 6 days away and then all the lovely ornaments will need to come down until next year. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love to get up in the morning pour a nice cup of coffee, sit on the couch with my furry kids and just enjoy the tree before my busy day starts. The lights of the tree warm our home during the month of December and it’s just as we know a wonderful time of the year.   With this in mind, I realized that I have not really made a new ornament for the tree this year, which led me to my post today. I pulled out my stash box of wood/chipboard and decided I wanted to use a tag, a Tim Holtz Etcetera tag set I had bought a while back. Out came the scrapbook paper and embossing powder and glitter and poof, a new Santa “Believe” vintage ornament emerged and now I’m hooked!.

Here is some of what I used (a complete list can be found at the end of the post)
1. Tim Holtz Stampers Anonymous #8 Etcetera Tag
2. Vintage scrapbook paper for the background (I used the Tim Holtz Christmas Worn Wallpaper)
3. The main image of your choosing from scrapbook paper or ephemera (I used Santa from Carta Bella Paper)
4. A quote – I used a Tim Holtz Christmas word chip (From the 2017 collection)
5. paint and embossing powders of your choosing.

Here are the general steps I took
1. I glued my piece of worn wallpaper background to the front of the tag.
2. I painted the back of my tag, the edges and a little onto the front with Dylusion Vibrant Turquoise. I also painted the two eyelets with the turquoise.Shop Your Fav Brands at Scrapbook.com
3. I then took the Dylusions white paint and did a whitewash on the front over the wallpaper just to knock it back a little
4. I took out my Tim Holtz Layering Argyle stencil and used some Candied Apple Distress Oxide thru it to bring the red of the Santa suit into the background to tie it together. I also did a little edging of the tag with red.
5. Next came my Distress Oxide in Vintage photo and I edged the Santa cutout as well as the tag and the eyelets to mute the tones a little
6. Now came the fun part the embossing. I used my Versamarker to color over the white areas on Santa’s suit and I used the Ranger Bridal Tinsel embossing powder and dried it with the heat gun to add some shimmer to Santa.
7. I carried the embossing powder over onto the background using the Tim Holtz Layering Stencil “Bubble” and my small Versamark pad to add some shimmer to the background.
8. While I had my red distress oxide out I edged my “Believe” quote chip.
9. Now comes assembly time. I used dimensional dots to put “Santa” on the page. I took out my glossy accents to put the eyelets, and the quote chip onto the background.

Phew! I think I got them all!.

You can watch me make the tag over on my Youtube channel, just in case I missed a step: Vintage Etcetera Tag Santa Ornament

Below are still shots of my finished tag.

I hope this tag will inspire you to look at some of your stashes in a new way. When I first bought this tag it never dawned on me to turn it into an ornament, but now it will grace my tree for years to come!

Here is the complete list of items I used in this project:

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Easy Vintage Bead Tree Garland using Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks

Easy Vintage Bead Tree Garland using Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks

Hi Folks,
I am back with another project inspired by Tim Holtz’s Christmas 2018 tips/hacks. This project was inspired by his use of alcohol inks to hand dye beads to look like vintage bulbs. This got those gears churning. When I first got into crafting I was into jewelry making so I knew I had a stash of pearl beads with holes. In his video, he talks about the ones without holes to use in your maker projects, but I wanted to use up what I had. I decided I wanted some vintage goodies for my tree this year so I set about to make a vintage-inspired pearl tree garland, that was hand dyed. I absolutely love how this turned out, and my strand was only 4ft 6 inches when done. I plan to throughout the year collect more beads so I can make a huge one to wrap my tree next year!

Note: it is best to do this project when you can open windows and have good ventilation as the alcohol inks are strong smelling.

Here is what you need:
1. A pack of mini cups, one per color, or any smaller container (I got mine on Amazon)
2. Alcohol inks in your favorite colors. Mine were Raspberry, Lemonade, Pool, Citrus and Mountain Rose
3. Mushroom Alcohol Ink to add the vintage element.
4. Gloves to protect your skin while you work.
5. Plastic pearl beads (whatever size, shape you would like)
6. Paper towels or an old towel
7. Pearl string- this will be strong and hold the beads longer as a garland as they are heavy.
(I’d recommend getting the string when you get the pearls so you can compare the hole size to string thickness)

Here is what you do:
1. Take out one of your containers, put in a few beads (depending on size), you want them to move easily, add say 3 drops of your first alcohol ink and see if that is bright enough, add more as needed.
2. Next, add 1 to 2 drops of mushroom alcohol ink to the container and swirl again, add more as needed to age the beads to your liking.
3. Pour the beads out on your towel to dry.
4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each color until you have all the beads you want
5. Get out the pearl string and start stringing your beads.
6. When the pearl bead garland is the length you want, tie off the end. I recommend using a found object like a bell on the end
to secure the beads in place.

You can watch my process video on my Youtube Channel here: Alcohol Ink Vintage Tree Garland

Shop Your Fav Brands at Scrapbook.com

Here are some close-ups and photos of my finished garland:

It’s time to break out those beads and get to crafting. You can change this up in so many ways. Maybe include some found charms, holiday charms every so often or add in some clear crystal style beads to get extra shimmer. The possibilities are endless! Have fun and remember to ventilate well.

Below is the list of supplies I used in this project:

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