Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Good Morning Guys,

I can’t believe it has been since June that I last touched base with you. I took the month of July off because of life. July is always busy here around the house as that is our month for family visiting out of town with the kiddo’s that are on summer vacation. It is always good to take a little time to recharge your batteries. Then inevitable I got sick again with another cold that wiped me out for the end of July and now we are in August.

In amongst all this, something exciting happened for me. If you follow me on Youtube you know back in May I took a trip to see my sister in Texas and we went vintage/junk hunting. I had so much fun! I have always loved treasure hunting on top of doing my art. Well, when I got back an idea started churning in my mind. What if I set up a booth somewhere, I could do that. Find treasure, fix them up, give them new life and sell them. I went with this urge and I got one! I now have a permanent setup in Daytona Beach Florida, inside Nicole’s Beach Street Mall.  I applied for the booth in June and opened my space on August 3rd. There I sell handmade, upcycled and vintage-inspired home decor and gifts. I keep larger pieces there like furniture I buy and paint up. I also went and updated my Etsy shop and there I will keep my mala necklaces, handmade bracelets, and smaller items. All of this has been a major shift for me and has kept me super busy.

Now some of you may be wondering what does this mean for my website and art. Well, I now have Side Street Market which is the division of my business that will be the in-person shop and my Etsy store. I am keeping Side Street Design LLC. You will see a shift in my blog though as I open up from just mixed media and journaling to also DIY and life notes.

I will have more DIY posts on flipping items found for resale amongst my art journaling. I hope you all will stay with me on this new journey and bare with me as I work to find my new balance. As an artist, we need to grow and I am excited to share this new journey with you all.

Here are some photos from my booth setup. My wonderful husband and parents helped me set up.

If you are local to Florida you can find my booth inside Nicole’s Beach Street Mall at 140 N Beach Street, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

My Hubby(John) and Dad checking out the wall space The guys working hard
All setup. Found upcycled decor, handmade vintage-inspired frames, upcycled furniture, original art

I painted this chair using Debs DIY Paint in Bohemian Blue and Mermaid Tail, Sealed it with a top coat and finished it with an IOD Transfer

Thanks for stopping by guys and stay tuned for new DIY and Life posts along with your old favorites using Ranger products.

Stampfest 2018-Tim Holtz!- Craft Haul

Stampfest 2018-Tim Holtz!- Craft Haul

Wow, well what a weekend that was. This past weekend I got to go to Stampfest 2018 in Kissimmee Fl and I had so much fun. It took my hubby and me, about an hour to get there so we arrived just a few minutes after they opened which was perfect timing. It was held at a hotel in one of their conference center/ballroom type rooms. There were 25 or 26 vendors and Stampers Anonymous was there and the wonderful Tim Holtz was demoing. I was lucky enough to be there early and get a photo with him before he started demoing for the show. Let me tell you if you get a chance to go see Tim Holtz in person, take a class, go to a demo, do it. He is so funny and has such a great personality, so much fun! I will definitely be looking to see what classes he has coming up this year or next. We ended up spending about three hours at the show before it started to get a bit too crowded and booth lines got long, but I still got a great stamp haul. After the show, we puttered around Orlando a bit, went to lunch and Ikea, then headed home. Overall it was a great, overwhelming fun weekend and I can’t wait to do it again.

You can see the full VLOG about it on my youtube channel here: https://youtu.be/x3xBP16D3DU

I will also include some shots of the day for your here and some of the goodies I got. A full list of items purchased is at the bottom and there is a lot! Enjoy!


Stampfest 2018 Tim Holtz demo


Stampfest 2018 Tim Holtz demo


Stampfest 2018 Tim Holtz demo


Stampfest 2018 Tim Holtz demo


Stampfest 2018 Stampers Anonymous Booth


Stampfest 2018 Stampers Anonymous Booth


Stampfest 2018 Stampers Anonymous Booth


Stampfest 2018 Stampers Anonymous Booth


Stampfest 2018 Stampers Anonymous Booth


Stampfest 2018 Stampers Anonymous Booth


Stampfest 2018 Stampers Anonymous Booth Tim Holtz Stamps


Technique Junkies Stamps


Technique Junkies Stamps



Sparkle and Sprinkle Booth


Sparkle and Sprinkle Booth


Sparkle and Sprinkle Booth



Wonderstrumpet Stencils

Wonderstrumpet Stencils

Wonderstrumpet Stencils

Wonderstrumpet Stencils

Wonderstrumpet Stencils

Below is the list of supplies I bought:

Some items are affiliate links and any purchases made thru these links help to fund my youtube videos and websites.

Affiliate Links:

Dylusions Paints:

Pure Sunshine

http://bit.ly/RangerPureSunshine (Ranger Ink)

http://bit.ly/BlitsyPureSunshine (Blitsy)

http://bit.ly/JogglesPureSunshine (Joggles)

Cherry Pie

http://bit.ly/RangerInkCherryPiePaint (Ranger Ink)

http://bit.ly/BlitsyDylusionsCherryPiePaint (Blitsy)

http://bit.ly/JogglesCherryPiePaint (Joggles)

Chopped Pesto

http://bit.ly/RangerInkChoppedPesto (Ranger Ink)

http://bit.ly/BlitsyChoppedPesto (Blitsy)

http://bit.ly/JogglesChoppedPesto (Joggles)

Laid Back Lilac

http://bit.ly/RangerinkLaidbackLilac (Ranger Ink)

http://bit.ly/BlitsyLaidbackLilac (Blitsy)

http://bit.ly/JogglesLaidbackLilac (Joggles)

Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Tool Set (Alcohol Ink Brushes and Spritzer)

http://bit.ly/RangerInkAlcoholInkToolSet (Ranger Ink)

http://bit.ly/BlitsyTimHoltzAlcoholInkToolSet (Blitsy)

http://bit.ly/JogglesTimHoltzAlcoholInkToolSet (Joggles)


http://bit.ly/RangerInkTimHoltzLayeringStencilRoses (Ranger Ink)

http://bit.ly/BlitsyTimHoltzLayeringStencilRoses (Blitsy)

Tim Holtz- Cling Mount Stamp- Monstrous CMS307

http://bit.ly/2tXHLB5 (RangerInk)

http://bit.ly/2z9vYF2 (Stampers Anonymous- NON-AFFILIATE LINK)


Tim Holtz- Cling Mount Stamp- Theories CMS329

http://bit.ly/BlitsyTimHoltzTheoriesClingStamp (Blitsy)

http://bit.ly/2KO0y8w (Stampers Anonymous- NON-AFFILIATE LINK)

Tim Holtz- Cling Mount Stamp- Entomology (CMS328)

http://bit.ly/BitsyTimHoltzEntomologyStamp (Blitsy)

http://bit.ly/2KNh3EP (Stampers Anonymous- NON-AFFILIATE LINK)

Dylusions – Star Struck (DYR62318)

http://bit.ly/BlitsyDylusionsStarStruckStamp (Blitsy)

http://bit.ly/2MQOgNb (Stampers Anonymous- NON-AFFILIATE LINK)


Non-Affiliate Links:

Tim Holtz- Classics #6 SCF006 Stamp (Paper Borders)

http://bit.ly/2u3H2h2 (Stampers Anonymous)

Technique Junkies Stamps (http://techniquejunkies.com/)

#P020 WASTED: http://techniquejunkies.com/wasted/

#SD713 ROSE DOODLES: http://techniquejunkies.com/rose-doodles/

#SSD842 I’M FLUFFY http://techniquejunkies.com/im-fluffy/

#SD853 SOUL OF A GYPSY http://techniquejunkies.com/soul-of-a-gypsy/

#SD732 CHRISTMAS MUG SHOT http://techniquejunkies.com/christmas-mug-shot/

#PD003 HOT ROD http://techniquejunkies.com/pd003-hot-rod/

#S711 STENCIL RING http://techniquejunkies.com/stencil-rings/

#SD738 FLUFF YOUR TUTU http://techniquejunkies.com/fluff-your-tutu/

EMBOSSING POWDERS FROM SPARKLE AND SPRINKLES (http://www.sparklensprinkle.net)

Peacock https://sparklensprinkle.net/products/embossing-powder-peacock-opaque-ep301

Oriental Fire https://sparklensprinkle.net/products/embossing-powder-oriental-fire-ep195

Mediterranean Star https://sparklensprinkle.net/products/embossing-powder-mediterranean-star-detail-tuscany-ep429

Indian Spark https://sparklensprinkle.net/products/embossing-powder-indian-spark-ep273

Gilded Ivory https://sparklensprinkle.net/products/embossing-powder-gilded-ivory-ep267

Purple Spark https://sparklensprinkle.net/products/embossing-powder-purple-spark-ep196

 STENCILS FROM WONDERSTRUMPET STENCILS (http://strumpetstencils.etsy.com)

“eye see you” stencils 6” x 6” & 12” x 12” : https://www.etsy.com/listing/583786824/eye-see-you-stencil?ref=shop_home_active_1

“Spirit Board” stencils 6” x6” & 12” x 12” : https://www.etsy.com/listing/492572021/halloween-stencil-series-spirit-board?ref=shop_home_active_4

“Freaky Eyes Pattern” stencils 6” x 6” & 12” x 12”: https://www.etsy.com/listing/553629697/freaky-eyes-pattern-stencil?ref=shop_home_active_3

“Skull Swoop Stencil” https://www.etsy.com/listing/524473265/skull-swoop-stencil?ga_search_query=skulls&ref=shop_items_search_3


Cinco de Mayo and early birthday weekend in St. Augustine, FL

Cinco de Mayo and early birthday weekend in St. Augustine, FL

Hello There,

This weekend my husband and I took a trip up to St. Augustine to meet friends for lunch and just to have a nice break and day out. We love St Augustine because of the quaintness of the historic town and all the art inspiration around it.

It turned out to be a lovely day with a nice breeze which in Florida nearing summer is a blessing. Some of the highlights were, of course, lunch at the Columbia restaurant with our friends, a trip to my favorite store Earthbound Trading Co. and a necklace purchase (early birthday present)

Below are photos I snapped to remember our day. I hope some of them bring you inspiration and a peek into my world as you start a new work week:

Mosaic tiles from welcome center area:

Beautiful garden behind one of the shops, a hidden treasure:

Goodies from my favorite store, love a good sale and color inspiration

Old architecture around town

Lunchtime at the Columbia Restaurant:

A last minute treat on the way out of town from the Silver Feather jewelry and gift shop. A lovely quartz andcitrine pendant:


Weekend Review: Girl Time & Support Small Business

Weekend Review: Girl Time & Support Small Business

Hello There!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend.

My weekend consisted of much-needed girl time and craft shopping. Two of my favorite things.

On Saturday I got to go to Ulta (the makeup store) which can be kinda overwhelming, but being the good crafter I am, I got stuck in the applicator aisle thinking of all the crafty uses for the foundation sponges and dabbers. (I think I have a problem)

Sunday was filled with brunch and girl talk then I went on a mini art outing. There is a craft store I had been trying to go to, but they happen to be closed on Saturdays, which is when I’m typically in the area. This weekend I thought, this is it, it’s a Sunday they will be open. To my sadness when I got there, they were closed, but there was a note on the door for travelers to call a cell number.

To make a long story short to my delight, it was the owner, and she came and met me and opened up the shop for me!

This is where I say to SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS when you can. True the prices can be a bit more then we find online, but we are supporting a person’s dream, and you get great one on one service. The owner was so nice and knowledgeable; I can’t wait to go back again.

So if you’re in the Volusia County area be sure to stop by and check out
Scrapbook, Crafts and more, also known as Gingham Buttons 2 (Scrapbooks, Stamps, Supplies & Gifts).

Here are some photos of my haul and stay tuned they will be showing up in some of my upcoming videos!

I love the line of darkroom door stamps and was so excited to find them in the store! Have you checked them out? darkroom door

Super excited to find Rose Gold embossing powder and the VersaMarker for writing with embossing gel for embossing. Time to make my cardboard box to use with the new Tim Holtz “Distress Resist Spray”


I couldn’t resist! Cats and then beautiful Mandala stamps!

Can’t wait to play with these as well. I think that curious cat will be showing up soon in my mini art journal!

Weekend Inspiration- A trip to Savannah, GA

Weekend Inspiration- A trip to Savannah, GA

My husband and I decided we needed an artsy getaway before the crazy of the holiday season, so we took a weekend road trip to Savannah, GA. We love Savannah and have visited in fall and summer but never at Christmas time. The air was cool and the holiday decorations made the city infused with holiday spirit.
What I love about Savannah is I always come back with great art ideas, inspired and refreshed. From the museums, architecture, and boutique shops I get a wealth of new ideas.

To start the trip we went on a third Saturday of the month where there is an art market on the river street. Artists were selling their wares, and I picked up some new crystals for my mala necklaces as well as a lovely imported Ganesh pendant necklace. I took in the architecture of the old buildings noticing how the balcony ironwork would make elegant stencil motifs.

After our morning on the river, we headed into the city. We stopped off at the Telfair museum to see a Rodin exhibit. Now I am not much for sculpture in the past but to see the cast pieces in person was amazing. The human figures most impacted me. I loved the heads, and hands and the skill with which they were done. Definitely a once in a lifetime chance to see this work up close.


After we left the Rodin exhibit we wandered the other exhibits, they had a wing of children’s art, and just the raw simplicity of the children’s art was inspiring, back to basics and doodles. What a great idea when one’s mind is blocked. Go back to what we knew as children

The last exhibit we saw was a mixed media artist that incorporated woodland elements into her pieces. They spoke to the loss of nature as we grow in society. Very strong pieces and beautiful to see up close.

After leaving the museum we went thru some of the local boutiques and I fell in love with the colors and glimmer of this one Parisian shop. Everywhere you looked was color and glitter overload.



Overall the trip was a great chance to get away, recharge and grab some inspiration on the way. So remember that as you travel, keep your eyes and heart open and you will be amazed where inspiration finds you.


Inspiration at the Antique and Vintage Market

Inspiration at the Antique and Vintage Market

Fall is a busy time of year here in Florida. Most of the year it is hot & humid, so we stick to our air-conditioned interiors and then a magical time of year happens. Florida Fall! Those few days in November/December we get cooler weather, and we all emerge from our homes to weekends full of art shows, craft fairs and vintage markets surrounded by holiday cheer. I love this time of year because it’s where I get a lot of inspiration.

This weekend my husband, mother-in-law and I went to the quaint town of New Smyrna Beach to the Antique and Vintage Market. It was a smaller show, but that made it nice an relaxing to walk thru. There were lots of small shops along the way too to duck into, and my brain was just on overload with patterns, colors and gift ideas for the coming holidays. Below are a few photos of the market area, and a cute picture of a mini Volkswagon van turned into a cooler, which is one of my favorite vehicles. I dream of a Volkswagon van a traveling art caravan!

After walking around for a bit, we did what any good shoppers do. We ate and refueled at a local treasure the Cork Screw restaurant and again inside my brain went into overdrive with the creative wine bottle chandeliers, murals, exposed brick walls and funky Florida atmosphere.

After we had full bellies, we hit the streets again where I found my ephemera treasures for this trip.

My first find where these two vintage photos. Typically I shy away from things like this but these two girls just something about their images called to me, and I thought they would make perfect scans for art journaling. Then I became fascinated by what could the history of the images be. I did some research and thanks to Wikipedia learned that these images were what was called “cabinet card portraits” and after some sleuthing, I figured they date to the 1860s-1880s. So now I sit and wonder, who were these woman, how old were they, what must their lives have been like? What story do they have to tell and that, right there is where inspiration comes from for me.

Cabinet Card Portraits

Now after those treasures I thought okay I’m doing pretty good today and then I stumbled on some tables with books. In one pile I saw this pitiful small brown book the cover was beaten, missing the back cover, pages browned, and I thought aww it needs a good home. It is an old Nursery Rhyme book. Again what is the history, where did it come from. There is no publish date, faded names on the inside cover are all but vanished, but I did find a publisher name. New York, Leavitt & Allen. So to the Wiki I went again and found there was a company in NY Called Leavitt & Allen and it existed about 1856, so again here is this treasure from the 1800s, what story does it have to tell and so my inspiration grows there.

The real story behind this weeks post is when you feel uninspired, and you don’t know what you want to do, get out of the house or studio, go for a walk, see some nature, walk a museum or market and let the world speak to you.