January 2019 Monthly Inspiration Challenge Art Journal Page

January 2019 Monthly Inspiration Challenge Art Journal Page


I am so excited to share this page with you today. This is the first page from my new Side Street Design Studio Group where each month I release a set of prompts to create a piece of art. I started this group as a way to share art with others and see what they do. It will also help me to keep using many of my art supplies that might otherwise collect dust. Also, a monthly challenge is just good for those creative juices. It gets us out of our comfort zone, combining things we may not have combined before and making a big fabulous mess.

If you are interested in joining in on the monthly fun here is the link to the facebook group: Facebook Group

Here is a link to the prompt card if you would like to participate:  Prompt Card to Download

Here is a link to my Youtube Video so you can see how I made my piece: January 2019 Monthly Challenge

This challenge was a great way for me to break the ice and start back to work in my journals after the holiday break. I tried to stick to mainly Dina Wakley Ranger Ink supplies for this challenge as I knew they would all flow together nicely.

Even though the first prompt was to work on a canvas I tried to think outside my box, originally I was going to use an actual canvas but then I remembered the canvas fabric in my Large Dina Wakley Media journal and everything flowed from there.

Here are some photos of my finished piece:

I really loved how the colors turned out and I only used scribble sticks or the Dina Wakley media paints in matching colors. By limiting my supplies it really freed me up to create a very soothing and inspirational piece.

I hope you will join me next month for February’s challenge, I can’t wait to see what you create!


You can find all the supplies I used below::


New Facebook Monthly Inspiration Challenge Group

New Facebook Monthly Inspiration Challenge Group

I’m back!…. Well almost back!

Hi guys. I am so happy to be typing to you again and sharing with you. I became sick just before Christmas and it knocked me for a loop. I was sick for over three weeks and I am finally on the tail end of it. Lots of good things going on in 2019. Be sure to check out my Youtube channel for little behind the scenes snippets and treats.

The reason I pulled out the laptop tonight to sit with you guys is to let you know I have a new project. One which I am very excited for. I have created a new facebook monthly challenge group. I sat down and made a three-page list of prompts, which you can download for free. You can use this list as you like to help you on your creative journey or you can follow along with me each month. On the second Saturday of each month, I will pull five main prompts and two alternate prompts. I will then create a piece of art. The video will be on my youtube channel and I will make up a card with the prompts to post in the facebook group. In the group, you can share your art you make. I really look forward to connecting with you guys this way in the new year.

You can watch my intro video here that talks a little more about the prompts here: New Monthly Inspiration Prompt Group

You can download the master prompt file here: Master Prompt File

Come join the facebook group here: Side Street Design Studio

I can’t wait to see you guys there!

PS stay tuned my studio is in makeover mode again so before and after photos will be coming along soon!

Halloween Magazine Collage Art Journal Page

Halloween Magazine Collage Art Journal Page

Art Journaling…

I feel like it has been a while since I cracked open one of my art journals. I have been all swept up in DIY Halloween projects and it felt good to get back to my roots with the canvas journal page. This whole page was inspired by one item, a pair of whimsical glasses from the craft section at Hobby Lobby.  I had bought a pack of these glasses for the Halloween season and I was looking at them and it just hit me. Wham!. If I can wear them how would they look in a journal page on a models face. Well, that sent me off on a new tangent and out came my pile of collage pictures. I had one just the right size and coloring for what I was picturing. With a little tweaking, it came out just the way I imagined.

Struggles: One struggle I had with this page was when I got to the original lips.  I painted them purple but then the teeth looked all funky and I thought, oh man this page is sinking. I then in my brilliance thought oh maybe a baby wipe will take off the paint. Nope. Instead, it took off the magazine page. Again, spiraling downhill. Now I was in a panic. Then I thought to stop, breath and everything is fixable. I grabbed my stash of collage images, I cut out a new set of lips, glued those on and tried again. It covered most of the issue, and in the end, the page is for me and I was overall very pleased.

It just goes to show, when it starts going downhill, step back, take a breath and try to keep pushing thru. Everything is fixable. Even if it is cut into new bits to use in other pieces of art.

This page was created in my large Dina Wakley Media journal with Dylusions Paint and Dina Wakley acrylics.

You can see my battle with the page here: Purple Haired Spider-Girl

Here are photos of the page to get all the lovely details:


Purple Haired Halloween Girl

Purple Haired Halloween Girl

Purple Haired Halloween Girl

Purple Haired Halloween Girl

Purple Haired Halloween Girl

Purple Haired Halloween Girl

So this page was a battle there for a bit but in the end I love it and I’m thinking she needs a friend. Although Halloween will be here soon, I may continue my fun into November and do a companion page with a  male model opposite her. Stay tuned!

Below are the supplies I used to create the page. The links go to my affiliate sites. If used and purchases are made I receive a small amount of the purchase which helps fund my love of art to keep this blog and my youtube channel going. Thank you for your support


Where have all the good pens gone?

Where have all the good pens gone?

Hello Folks,

Today I am back, and this time I am on a supply hunt. I am on the hunt for the perfect white pen to use in my art journals. Yes, the elusive mission of trying to find a good white pen that will work over medium and on dark journal pages. This post and hunt was prompted by a recent trip to Hobby Lobby in which I purchased some Gelly Roll pens, and some Ranger Letter It pens in the hopes of finding a good white art journaling pen. The funny part about that one that you see in my video is that I didn’t realize the “Letter It” pens were embossing pens. They were black with white caps, and my brain read “white pen.” So lesson learned. That just means though I’ll have to do a tutorial now comparing the Letter It embossing pens to the Versamark embossing pens. Oh darn!

In my testing and review I ended up comparing the Gelly Roll 08 by Sakura, The Dylusions Paint Pen in White linen and Two (2) white posca paint markers in a 3m and 5m size.  I tried all these pens on a Dylusions journal page that had been painted black, a piece of black cardstock, a black Dylusions art journal tag that I had used distressed oxides on and the black Dylusions’s journal.

You can see the results live in my video here: Hunting for the best white art journaling pen

Below are the photo results of the testing:


Order of testing was: Dylusions White Linen Paint Pen, 5m White Posca Paint Marker, 3m White Posca Paint Marker, Letter It pen then the Gelly Roll pen.

Order of testing was: Dylusions White Linen Paint Pen, 5m White Posca Paint Marker, 3m White Posca Paint Marker,and then the Gelly Roll pen.

On the tag the dashes running down the right side and the circles are the Gelly Roll pen, the dashes across the top and flowers around the hole are the Dylusions White Linen paint pen, the lower part of the tag top zigzag is the 3m Posca White Paint Marker, and below that is the 5m Posca White Paint Marker.

From outer ring in was the Gelly Roll Pen, The Dylusions White Linen Paint Pen, The 5m Posca White Paint Marker and lastly the 3M Posca White Paint Marker.


So my final opinion based on testing is that the Gelly Roll was really good I will be using that a lot. The Dylusions White Linen Paint Pen is always lovely when my patience allows it to work properly and the posca pens were okay, they tended to fade.

I hope this little review is helpful and gave you some ideas of what to and maybe not to buy if you were thinking about it. These could all act differently with other mediums under them. Part of the joy of journaling is exploring right!

Thanks for stopping by and happy journaling!


As always listed below are the list of supplies I used to create this page. Some are affiliate links, some are not. Any items bought thru the
affiliate links help support my Youtube channel and blog. I am not paid to promote these items, these are items I grab and use anyway,
so it’s just a little-added bonus that allows me to create and share with you.

Affiliate Links:

Dylusions Paint Pens (White Linen)
http://bit.ly/2p241GZ (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2OaBoCs (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2NCqtEw (Joggles)

Posca White Paint Pen (3m)
http://bit.ly/2QmIB3O (Joggles)

Posca White Paint Pen (5m.1)
http://bit.ly/2x1Waho (Joggles)

Dylusions Black Creative Journal
http://bit.ly/2w126FT (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2nwypIU (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2KLPfNg (Joggles)

Dylusions Black Journaling Tag #12
http://bit.ly/2QmJuta (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2x9TGNc (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2O878Z3 (Joggles)

Non-Affiliate Links:

Sakura Gelly Roll 08 White Pen
http://bit.ly/2Qi6OZ8 (Jetpens.com)

“Quiet” Art Journal Page- Mission Inspiration 2018 August Mid-Month prompts

“Quiet” Art Journal Page- Mission Inspiration 2018 August Mid-Month prompts


Happy Wednesday folks. Today I am back with an art journal share. This is another art journal page that comes from prompts from the monthly Mission Inspiration facebook group I am in, run by Mike Deakin. The mid-month prompts really offer a challenge or more freedom, depending on how you look at it. All you get for these is a word and no other guidelines. For some, this may make it harder, or for others easier. I find it’s a great way to break a blank page. If you are in your art journal and that white page is really glooming at you, stop and walk away. Grab your favorite book or magazine, open to a page and read. A word can easily jar your creativity tree and an idea will fall loose and onto the page of your journal. This month’s mid-month prompt was “Quite”. When I think of quiet I think of a cozy corner with a magazine, a good cup of coffee and just some much needed me time. That is where I went with this month’s prompt. I based it around a photo I have of me from 2014 sipping a really good cup of coffee in a coffee house. It also gave me a great chance to try out some of my new distress oxide colors like ground espresso!. It was quick, fun and just what I needed to scratch that afternoon journal itch.

I hope the page will give you some inspiration and a new way of tackling those blank white pages.

You can find the video on my youtube channel here: August Mid Month Mission Inspiration “Quite”.

Here are some shots of the page:


As always listed below are the list of supplies I used to create this page. Some are affiliate links, some are not. Any items bought thru the affiliate links help support my Youtube channel and blog. I am not paid to promote these items, these are items I grab and use anyway, so it’s just a little-added bonus that allows me to create and share with you.

Affiliate Links:

Canson XL Media Journal
http://bit.ly/2vh0pUe (Blick Art Supplies)

Dina Wakley “Hey You” Stencil
http://bit.ly/2OZUjRg (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2nu3nkO (Joggles)

Tim Holtz Glass Media Mat
http://bit.ly/2ML2fZd (Blitsy)

Distress Oxide- Antique Linen
http://bit.ly/2Pn41NL (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2MqXlAA (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2L9mr1k (Joggles)

Distress Oxide- Broken China
http://bit.ly/2N0gSUJ (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2PncvVh (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2L6BZmp (Joggles)

Distress Oxide- Old Paper
http://bit.ly/2MrIcz6 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2MzOWdd (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2nPKsBe (Joggles)

Distress Oxide – Iced Spruce
http://bit.ly/2OOuQcS (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2BwYvFo (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2MzUpRw (Joggles)

Distress Oxide- Ground Espresso

http://bit.ly/2BpYxil (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2L7tEir (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2wdaYZg (Joggles)

Distress Oxide- Walnut Stain
http://bit.ly/2KkYGUg (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2ttyZL4 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2lycAI7 (Joggles)

Non-Affiliate Links:

Tim Holtz Classics #6 Stamp set
http://bit.ly/2Cbs67X (Stampers Anonymous)

Tim Holtz Newsprint & Type CMS266
http://bit.ly/2NL4MiW (Stampers Anonymous)

Visible Image (UK)
Ink Splats clear stamp set

Fall Dragonfly Yupo Paper Alcohol Lift Ink Art Journal Tag

Fall Dragonfly Yupo Paper Alcohol Lift Ink Art Journal Tag

Hello and Happy Monday!

The fall bug has bitten and I am excited for the cooler days to start rolling in. The stores are alive with the treats of the coming holidays and I am excited about all this season will bring. Over the next few weeks, I am going to be busy preparing for my first ever Youtube holiday series. I will be doing 13 days of Halloween.  I am working out the schedule now. My goal will be to release one new Halloween themed project every day starting October 1st thru the 13th, then I will dip back into fall themed and my regular journal projects until the Christmas season. There may end up being a 12 days of Christmas special as well, it’s just all schedule permitting. I just love this time of year. I think it goes back to growing up in New York where I had more of the seasons. The fall was back to school supplies, crisp mornings, leaves turning and falling and the smell of snow in the air. It just reminds me of my childhood.

With that note, I am currently very aware of my surroundings and lately, on my walks, I have seen a lot of dragonflies. Every time I see them I think I really want to incorporate them into an art piece. Then I forget and go about my day. Recently I finally sat myself down and sorted out this tag project. I had a Yupo paper art journal tag left over from a previous video, and I found my dragonfly stamps and away I went with my fall color alcohol inks and alcohol lift ink. The result was just what I was craving.

You can watch the video here: Dragonfly Art Journal Tag

Here are some photos of the final project.

I hope this little project will get you warmed up for the fall. Break out those rich fall colors and have a play. Trace your favorite art journal tag size onto some yupo paper and create great new pieces for your journal. You can even do it on translucent Yupo paper and maybe make some fall leaves or ornaments to hang in the window and catch that morning light.

Happy Creating.

p.s as I finished writing this post I turned with my tea and watched out the window. A dragonfly went by.  Did you know a dragonfly is seen as a symbol of change, transformation, and self-realization? Just a fun thought to leave you to ponder.


Below is the list of tools and products I used to create this piece.
Some items are affiliate links and any purchases made thru these links help to fund my youtube videos and websites.

Affiliate Links:

Alcohol Lift-Ink Pad
http://bit.ly/2N3onty (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2LWr9zP (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2NNHw43 (Joggles)

Archival Ink (Black)
http://bit.ly/2KgJnfr (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2Iq7y9u (Blitsy)

Alcohol Ink (Rust, Oregano, Cranberry
& Caramel)
http://bit.ly/2NHJhzC (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2L5klDS (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2KXnG3r (Joggles)

Yupo Paper 8″ x 10″
http://bit.ly/2Jcizvq (Ranger)

Alcohol Ink Blending Solution:
http://bit.ly/2KYnuFj (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2m7AIl9 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2LWerRM (Joggles)

Alcohol Ink Mini Applicator Tool:
http://bit.ly/2oFxQx9 (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2Q7SC59 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2LX8y6T (Joggles)

Alcohol Ink Mini Applicator Felt Refills:
http://bit.ly/2um5t9L (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2Ch2mXy (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2NOMuge (Joggles)

Archival Ink Cleaner
http://bit.ly/2Lcao3o (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2MBxWn7 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2MByfhL (Joggles)

Tim Holtz Cling Mount Stamp Entomology
http://bit.ly/2KA4ZI0 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2KNh3EP(Stampers Anonymous- Non Affiliate Link)

Visible Image
“Live in the moment” Stamp Set (Non-affiliate link)