7 Days of Halloween Day 2 – Tim Holtz Idea-ology Halloween 2018 Ephemera “Palm Reader” Halloween Card

7 Days of Halloween Day 2 – Tim Holtz Idea-ology Halloween 2018 Ephemera “Palm Reader” Halloween Card

Hello Again,

Welcome to Day 2 of my 7 Days of Halloween. Today I am featuring a super simple Halloween card. This card took me under ten minutes to make and is an easy way to use up bits of Halloween scrapbook paper, ephemera and toss in a bit of your favorite Halloween stencil too.

This project started with a standard black card ( 5″ x 6 1/2″ Landscape). I took a piece of Halloween scrapbook paper from a packet I had bought at Hobby Lobby and trimmed a 1/4″ off each side with my paper cutter so when I taped it to the card it would leave a black border. I used double sided tape to place the scrapbook paper onto the background. Now prior to taping the background down I did edge it with the Tim Holtz Distress Oxide in Carved Pumpkin. I also added to the background using black archival ink thru a “spirit board” stencil from StrumpetStencils on etsy (links below). I then picked out my pieces of ephemera I wanted from my Idea-ology Halloween 2018 Ephemera pack and edged those with Distress Oxide in Black Soot and Carved Pumpkin. I then used sticky thumb adhesive dots to attach them to the page, with some dimension. Voila!  A super quick and super easy Halloween card.

You can see the process video here: Tim Holtz Idea-ology Halloween 2018 Ephemera “Palm Reader” Halloween Card

Here are some photos to stir those creative juices:

I know we love to save them but it’s time, break out those ephemera bits and get to making! Happy Halloween. I see a lot of fun in your future!

Here are all the supplies I used to make this card.




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Yupo Paper Embossing Holiday Card Fail. What not to do.

Yupo Paper Embossing Holiday Card Fail. What not to do.

Hello Folks,

With only about three months to go, I decided this year I was going to get a head start on making my handmade Chrismas cards to send out. With the new alcohol lift-ink out, I had visions of beautiful mottled backgrounds with lifted snowflakes and ornaments that would have embossing on top. I decided to give it a whirl and well I learned what to do and what not to do. What happened was I made the backgrounds using the Ranger Ink 5″ x 7″ alcohol Ink Yupo white cardstock trimmed down a little. I then applied alcohol inks and alcohol blending solution. Once it was dry I used the alcohol lift-ink to add ornaments and snowflakes. One key item I have been finding while playing with the alcohol lift-ink is that the metallics do not lift easily. Sometimes they won’t lift at all, other times it takes extra elbow grease. Just a note if you plan to use a lot of shimmery metallics on your pages, they may not react to the alcohol lift-ink. Well once I had my pretty background I was super excited. I then wanted to add my embossing and use that to add the messages. I started on the snowflake card background. I used VersaMark embossing ink with a Tim Holtz season’s greetings stamp, and some ranger ink embossing powder. I then brought in the heat gun, and this is where it went south. I think I just didn’t keep it moving enough and it melted my paper. I was so saddened, but it was a lesson learned. I then moved onto the other paper that had the ornaments on it. For this one, I used a stamp again with my VersaMark embossing ink and the ranger heat gun instead of the embossing gun. It worked, this time. It did want to try to buckle I just kept letting it cool in between.

So here are the lessons learned:

  1. The metallic alcohol inks won’t always lift with the alcohol lift-ink
  2. Embossing on Yupo Paper- slow and steady. My embossing heat tool melted the Yupo paper, while the ranger heat tool didn’t

If you want to see the video of how the process worked you can check it out on my Youtube Channel: Alcohol Lift Ink Yupo Paper Embossing What Not to Do

Below are some stills of the cards and how they turned out:

I hope this post will help you when you go to try embossing on Yupo paper. I wanted to still share my mishap in the hopes of helping to save other’s lovely projects.

Thanks so much for reading my post. I look forward to catching up with you again soon.


Below is a list of all the supplies I used to make these two card backgrounds.

Some items are affiliate links and any purchases made thru these links help to fund my youtube videos and websites.

Affiliate Links:

Alcohol Lift Ink
http://bit.ly/2N3onty (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2NNHw43 (Joggles)

Alcohol Inks (Gold, Stream, Pool, Mermaid, Silver, Aqua)
http://bit.ly/2NHJhzC (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2L5klDS (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2KXnG3r (Joggles)

Versamark Pad
http://bit.ly/2N2Of9f (Blitsy)

Versamark Pen
http://bit.ly/2Mrsl3u (Blitsy)

Embossing Powder Bridal Tinsel
http://bit.ly/2METejr (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2BvCB5H (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2PrgWhF (Joggles)

Tim Holtz Christmas Memories Red Rubber Stamps
http://bit.ly/2N68XVS (Ranger Ink)

Archival Ink Cleaner
http://bit.ly/2Lcao3o (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2MBxWn7 (Blitsy)

Yupo Paper
http://bit.ly/2Ld6lrK (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2uuEA3s (Blitsy)

Alcohol Ink Blending Solution
http://bit.ly/2KYnuFj (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2m7AIl9 (Blitsy)

Non-Affiliate Links:
http://bit.ly/2Mtdwxi Gilded Ivory Embossing Powder

Simon Says Stamp- Stamps
Big Scripty Greetings http://bit.ly/2vZor7C
Lots of Snowflakes http://bit.ly/2ONiUry
Tim Holtz Season’s Greetings Stamp http://bit.ly/2w2Y9RM


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Distress Oxide Cat Friendship Handmade Card

Distress Oxide Cat Friendship Handmade Card

Hello and TGIF!

Well, it has been a heck of a busy week and it’s looking like my weekend will be about the same. I thought I’d get a little ahead of the game and give you a special Friday handmade card share to tide you over for the weekend. This card went to my lovely friend Sylvia in Sweden that I do ATC (Artist Trading Card) swaps with several times a year. We always have so much fun and we both love cats which is why this card was purrrfect ;).

Without further ado here is the adorable kitty card using distress oxides for the background:

See video here: Distress Oxide background friendship handmade card

Some Stills:

Now I am a newbie at card making, so please be kind ;).  I really did enjoy making this one, and actually, since making it I have discovered the Tim Holtz Micro Glaze which if I used the alcohol ink glossy cardstock would really pop the background. See the wheels are always churning folks.

I hope this card gave you some inspiration and brightened up your Friday a bit. I  know playing with my Distress Oxides always cheers me up.

Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

Supply List

(Below are my affiliate links, all purchases made thru these links
help support my youtube channel and website-please note I am not paid or prompted to use
these products, I only show products that I actually use, like and want to try it’s just a little
added bonus for the things I use daily)

Affiliate Links:

Tonic Scissors:
http://bit.ly/2Kn3DiS (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2yGEZF1 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2tr77au (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2K8MMRC (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2trAcSO (Joggles)

Distress Oxides:

Black Soot:
http://bit.ly/2PbrUb3 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2vPVavU (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2MuaiJ7 (Joggles)

Wilted Violet:
http://bit.ly/2KZmHQj (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2nGQRyE (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2w8yGWo (Joggles)

Fossilized Amber:
http://bit.ly/2KWN7lW (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2nHVJnj (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2Mw9MKs (Joggles)

Peacock Feathers:
http://bit.ly/2MwaQ0U (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Be11Al (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2w8aLqg (Joggles)

Picked Raspberry:
http://bit.ly/2Mh4hQw (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2BavCil (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2Pf6dXM (Joggles)

Tim Holtz Tonic Studio Stamp Platform
http://bit.ly/2yDVIZP (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2MjO6xB (Joggles)

Black Archival Ink Pad
http://bit.ly/2KgJnfr (Ranger)
http://bit.ly/2Iq7y9u (Blitsy)

Canxon XL Mix Media Paper Pad
http://bit.ly/2tDr8cR (Blick Art Supplies)

Non-Affiliate Links

Stamps: Purr-fect Friends
(I could no longer locate the stamps online but the site
has many other cute stamp sets)

Sticky Thumb-Adhesive Foam Dots
https://amzn.to/2K9k17l (Amazon.com)


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Handmade Steampunk “Inspire” Card

Handmade Steampunk “Inspire” Card

Over the weekend I dove into the world of cardmaking. I pulled out some stamps I hadn’t used in quite awhile and had a play at making a steampunk “inspire” card to send out with some happy mail. I got to use my Distress Oxides, Tim Holtz Mica Sprays, and my new Tonic Stamping platform. I had so much fun I think I may end up being on a card kick for a while now. Some may even show up in my Etsy shop for custom orders!

You can see my process video over on my youtube channel: Handmade Steampunk Card

Here are some still shots for you below:

What a great way to use stamps that have been collecting dust. Just a little bit of sparkle and some chit chat quotes and you have your own custom card.

Happy Crafting!

Here is the list of supplies I used in case something caught your eye :

(Below are my affiliate links,all purchases made thru these links
help support my youtube channel and website)

Canson Mixed Media Paper
http://bit.ly/2tDr8cR (Blick Art Supplies)

Distress Oxide “Walnut Stain”
http://bit.ly/2KkYGUg (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2ttyZL4 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2lycAI7 (Joggles)

Distress Oxide “Frayed Burlap”
http://bit.ly/2Ir2JN6 (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Mke2sO (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2lwE7cN (Joggles)

Distress Oxide “Vintage Photo”
http://bit.ly/2KjLfUO (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2MUyxNM (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2yCimlc (Joggles)

Black Archival Ink
http://bit.ly/2KgJnfr (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2Iq7y9u (Blitsy)

Tim Holtz/Tonic Studio Stamp Platform
http://bit.ly/2yDVIZP (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2MjO6xB (Joggles)

Ranger- Heat It- Craft Tool(Heat Dryer)
http://bit.ly/2MOzRlj (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2KfjrnK (Joggles)

Tonic Tim Holtz Scissors 7″
http://bit.ly/2tr77au (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2K8MMRC (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2trAcSO (Joggles)

Tonic Tim Holtz Scissors 5″
http://bit.ly/2Kn3DiS (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2yGEZF1 (Blitsy)

Tonic Studios Paper Distresser
http://bit.ly/2MYUI5K (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2lvjQ7s (Blitsy)

Tim Holtz- Big Chat Stickers (Text)
http://bit.ly/2yGPwjH (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2IqJ1kH (Blitsy)

Tim Holtz Mica Sprays
http://bit.ly/2tyhB6O (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2tkJHDC (Joggles)

—-Non-affiliate links—

Sticky Thumb Foam Dots
https://amzn.to/2K9k17l (Amazon)

Big Red Stamps

Gears Stamp: http://bit.ly/2tDrEb4

Steampunk Lady Cyclist: http://bit.ly/2turUdc

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