Where have I been?

Where have I been?

Good Morning Guys,

I can’t believe it has been since June that I last touched base with you. I took the month of July off because of life. July is always busy here around the house as that is our month for family visiting out of town with the kiddo’s that are on summer vacation. It is always good to take a little time to recharge your batteries. Then inevitable I got sick again with another cold that wiped me out for the end of July and now we are in August.

In amongst all this, something exciting happened for me. If you follow me on Youtube you know back in May I took a trip to see my sister in Texas and we went vintage/junk hunting. I had so much fun! I have always loved treasure hunting on top of doing my art. Well, when I got back an idea started churning in my mind. What if I set up a booth somewhere, I could do that. Find treasure, fix them up, give them new life and sell them. I went with this urge and I got one! I now have a permanent setup in Daytona Beach Florida, inside Nicole’s Beach Street Mall.  I applied for the booth in June and opened my space on August 3rd. There I sell handmade, upcycled and vintage-inspired home decor and gifts. I keep larger pieces there like furniture I buy and paint up. I also went and updated my Etsy shop and there I will keep my mala necklaces, handmade bracelets, and smaller items. All of this has been a major shift for me and has kept me super busy.

Now some of you may be wondering what does this mean for my website and art. Well, I now have Side Street Market which is the division of my business that will be the in-person shop and my Etsy store. I am keeping Side Street Design LLC. You will see a shift in my blog though as I open up from just mixed media and journaling to also DIY and life notes.

I will have more DIY posts on flipping items found for resale amongst my art journaling. I hope you all will stay with me on this new journey and bare with me as I work to find my new balance. As an artist, we need to grow and I am excited to share this new journey with you all.

Here are some photos from my booth setup. My wonderful husband and parents helped me set up.

If you are local to Florida you can find my booth inside Nicole’s Beach Street Mall at 140 N Beach Street, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

My Hubby(John) and Dad checking out the wall space The guys working hard
All setup. Found upcycled decor, handmade vintage-inspired frames, upcycled furniture, original art

I painted this chair using Debs DIY Paint in Bohemian Blue and Mermaid Tail, Sealed it with a top coat and finished it with an IOD Transfer

Thanks for stopping by guys and stay tuned for new DIY and Life posts along with your old favorites using Ranger products.

The little moments….

The little moments….

Hello Folks,

Happy Monday. What a weekend. My day job has kept me quite busy so I worked throughout the weekend to try and stay ahead for this week. For those of you that don’t know, I am a graphic designer and I work a regular 8 to 5 job and then in the early mornings, weekends or nights I squeeze in the making of my art videos and blogging because it has become a passion of mine and something I really love doing. I love to create, and I’ve discovered I love to share and teach so my blog and Youtube channel, is just my way of trying to help others starting out or looking for inspiration. My post today though isn’t about the art, instead, it’s about a reminder, that in our hectic schedule to stop and take a moment to treasure the little things in life, those closest to us and to take care of ourselves. Right now I am trying once more to start on a new health kick with one simple thing, walking. As some of you know from my profile I am a cancer survivor, and I still struggle with fatigue, but with the slightly less humid weather starting here in Florida I have found myself drawn to nature. So my goal is to walk 5 out of 7 days a week for at least 20 minutes. I’ve been meeting it for two weeks now and it is feeling great. I am hoping this will help me with my weight loss journey. I realize that if I want to keep doing what I love which is sharing my ideas, creations and life with all of you wonderful follows I need to step it up a notch and take better care of me so I can have the energy to spend more time with you folks, my wonderful followers.

So with that, remember to take a moment today to hug a loved one, a loved pet, watch a cloud go by or just grab a second for you!

Here are some shots from my weekend around the house.

Morning walk selfie with the hubby, gotta love that humidity and my natural curls lol

Grandma & Grandpa stopped by with a new toy for the kids

Chappie watching over me while I worked….he was snoring in this photo, right in my ear

Boys night! Bed Time Story

Card game break, to beat my hubby at both games 😉

The first flower in my butterfly garden I have been trying to save from the summer heat


Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful week, and remember to stop and smell the flowers 😉

July’s Mission Inspiration Page and a Short Break

July’s Mission Inspiration Page and a Short Break

Hello, my lovely followers,

So today to wrap up your week I am bringing you a page I did last weekend and got in just under the wire. My July 2018 Mission Inspiration, prompts art journal page. I had so much fun making this one because it allowed me to use a photo that is one of my favorites. It was taken when my husband and I went on our trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I find my soul there, I just felt so at home and I loved it. I can’t wait until we can go back to that wonderful city again and Guadalupe’s Stamp Shop! Since this months prompt required we include a photo I chose that one. Now about the short break. I am so sad about this but I am having some back issues. I have been logging a lot of desk time between my day job and my lovely work with you’ll, so I am going to take this coming weekend off and try to stay off the computer and moving. I may have to extend it to the following weekend. Don’t dismay though if you follow me on social media I will line up some throwbacks to keep you company until I am back.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you on this one I tested Distress Oxides and Tim Holtz’s micro glaze! I am hooked, it worked fabulously.

Video: July 2018 Mission Inspiration Process Video

So here we go:

As always for your shopping pleasure, if you see anything in the video you want here is my supply list 🙂

Some items are affiliate links and any purchases made thru these links help to fund my youtube videos and websites.

Affiliate Links:

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Distress Oxide
Project Colors: Vintage Photo, Fossilized Amber, Hickory Smoke
and Wild Honey
http://bit.ly/2NVfSBo (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2v00VXE (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2NU0ogV (Joggles)

Tim Holtz Distress Micro Glaze
http://bit.ly/2mP8Hix (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2AkYBQ9 (Blitsy)
http://bit.ly/2mPxYch (Joggles)

Tim Holtz Mica Spray
http://bit.ly/2tyhB6O (Ranger Ink)
http://bit.ly/2tkJHDC  (Joggles)

Non-Affiliate Links:

Foam Sticky Dots
https://amzn.to/2K9k17l (Amazon)

Pilot Multiball Pen Medium
http://bit.ly/2vcHcmX (Jetpens)

My First Vlog

Hi Guys,

I am super excited to have tried my hand at my very first mini vlog. I filmed this on my day out last Sunday with my hubby, when I went to my favorite craft store because they were having a semi-annual clearance sale. I got a few goodies. So please check it out and let me know what you think. I plan to do another one to post for next week from Stampfest I am going to tomorrow in Kissimmee, where Tim Holtz will be demoing at the stampers anonymous booth.  Happy Friday!!!

Mini Vlog on youtube: https://youtu.be/Q9n3PpP0zSI


Life Updates

Life Updates

Good Morning,

Happy Friday! TGIF. The month is just flying by folks. Gosh, so much going on and such exciting things ahead. So last weekend I went and visited my parents and got a haul from my favorite craft store (Sorry no photos) this time, but they are having a sale the end of the month and I’ll post what goodies I get there. While I was up visiting my folks I got to see the wild turkey families. All the time I lived in north Florida with my folks the spring had families of wild turkeys in the yard. I posted below a photo of one family just having a stroll down the street. The kids got a new toy from grandma they didn’t want to share that is posted below too.

I also started playing this past week with some of the fabulous new Dyan Reaveley stamps, just stamping them onto white paper and now I’m figuring out what best to color them in with. So far I have been using my limited neocolor II palette but the paper I printed on doesn’t like a lot of water so when I get that one figured out I’ll be sure to post a “best of” for stamping and saving cutouts for your journals.  (Chappie monitored)

As far as events I have started hunting for art retreats and conventions to go to. I am super excited at the end of this month, June, I will be going to Stampefest 2018 in Kissimmee,FL and Tim Holtz will be demoing at the Stampers Anonymous booth. So if it’s allowed I’ll try to get a video and some photos, so stay tuned for that. If you are in the Florida area you should check it out it’s only $10.00 to get in. Click the name above I’ll link to their page.

I also signed up for the Back to Back 2019 art retreat with the fabulous Dina Wakley and Dyan Reaveley in Delray, FL. This will be March 2019 so time to save and time to plan. I’ll line to that as well. I am really checking off my bucket list here folks. Meeting all the wonderful Ranger Ink Signature artists is very exciting and I’ll be sure to do my best to post and blog about it as is allowed.

As for this weekend, I am tucking/locking myself in my studio. I have all these ideas that have been going thru my head and I need to get them out. One is a new set of ornaments or tags for my Etsy shop using Tim Holtz paper dolls. These were inspired by a video I watched about Artist Trading Coins, by Mike Deakin. I thought OMG I have tons of wood discs I could make ornaments with my own style twist. So a sneak shot of that is below.

Also if you follow me next week only I am having a sale in my ETSY shop to help celebrate Etsy’s 13th birthday. Save 25% off your order. ETSY13 is the code so be sure to stop in!

Thanks so much for stopping by and catching up. Remember to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on all the latest happenings.


Back to it after an extended birthday break

Back to it after an extended birthday break


I am back! I turned 35 last week, and after a long weekend of relaxation, I decided to continue that downtime for the remainder of the week. I’ve had a good long rest; I am recharged, and ready to start sharing again.

So, what did I do for my birthday, well I went to the movies of course. I am a huge Marvel fan so I went to see the Avengers. Afterward, I went to a lovely dinner at P.F. Chang with my hubby. I spent the remainder of my weekend just keeping a low profile. I played with the kids (cats) and worked on my stamping inventory, and just enjoyed my birthday presents.

As I start a new chapter of my life though I feel it is time I need to reevaluate my priorities. One of those is making time for me. I want to work on my health (fitness) and do a little more art for me. So I may duck off for a week here or there, and you won’t hear from me, but I”ll be back. Just taking some of that recharge time.

As for birthday presents, well my husband rocks. I received a dozen beautiful roses, the complete line of new Dylusions Shimmer Sprays and the new Dina Wakley metallics. Be sure to stay tuned. The shimmer sprays will be showing up on my YouTube channel. Along with some of the other stamps and treats I received.

Here are some photos from my long weekend.

Holly was really loving my hair product. She was very cuddly.

New Shimmer Sprays!! EEEK!

New Dina Wakley metallic paint tubes!

Chappie overseeing production

Just Stamping Away

Lots of new stamps trimmed and ready for coloring for my travel journals!

As always, so happy you are here! Take a peek around, find some inspiration and I’ll talk to you soon.