Weekend Inspiration- A trip to Savannah, GA

Weekend Inspiration- A trip to Savannah, GA

My husband and I decided we needed an artsy getaway before the crazy of the holiday season, so we took a weekend road trip to Savannah, GA. We love Savannah and have visited in fall and summer but never at Christmas time. The air was cool and the holiday decorations made the city infused with holiday spirit.
What I love about Savannah is I always come back with great art ideas, inspired and refreshed. From the museums, architecture, and boutique shops I get a wealth of new ideas.

To start the trip we went on a third Saturday of the month where there is an art market on the river street. Artists were selling their wares, and I picked up some new crystals for my mala necklaces as well as a lovely imported Ganesh pendant necklace. I took in the architecture of the old buildings noticing how the balcony ironwork would make elegant stencil motifs.

After our morning on the river, we headed into the city. We stopped off at the Telfair museum to see a Rodin exhibit. Now I am not much for sculpture in the past but to see the cast pieces in person was amazing. The human figures most impacted me. I loved the heads, and hands and the skill with which they were done. Definitely a once in a lifetime chance to see this work up close.


After we left the Rodin exhibit we wandered the other exhibits, they had a wing of children’s art, and just the raw simplicity of the children’s art was inspiring, back to basics and doodles. What a great idea when one’s mind is blocked. Go back to what we knew as children

The last exhibit we saw was a mixed media artist that incorporated woodland elements into her pieces. They spoke to the loss of nature as we grow in society. Very strong pieces and beautiful to see up close.

After leaving the museum we went thru some of the local boutiques and I fell in love with the colors and glimmer of this one Parisian shop. Everywhere you looked was color and glitter overload.



Overall the trip was a great chance to get away, recharge and grab some inspiration on the way. So remember that as you travel, keep your eyes and heart open and you will be amazed where inspiration finds you.


Museum Adventures- West Coast Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali exhibits

Museum Adventures- West Coast Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali exhibits

In March my hubby and I took a weekend to go on an art adventure. We headed to the west coast to visit the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. Not only were we able to see the Salvador Dali exhibit but there was a Frida Kahlo exhibit as well. Her exhibit was a limited time opportunity.

Frida Kahlo is an artist I have always admired. She faced so much in life and was raw and true in her art. I also had no idea she journaled. I have begun to do art journaling and had a chance to see some of her pages on exhibit. Upon entering the exhibit, I felt overwhelmed with emotion. ¬†Anytime I get an opportunity to see the art of someone I admire it bring a wash of feelings. There is no greater sensation than standing in front of a piece knowing that this was in that person’s studio, they touched it, and just the presence inspires me. It was a great opportunity I will always cherish. Below are some images from the gallery and of the outside garden they made to look like the one at Caza Azul, Frida’s home in Mexico.

Entrance to the exhibit

Samples from her journal

Some of her paintings on display:

“Portrait of Luther Burbank” 1931

“Self Portrait with Small Monkeys” 1945

“The Broken Column” 1944

“Without Hope” 1945

The outside garden:

A glimpse of Frida

A few pieces from the Dali Exhibit:

“Lincoln in Dalivision” 1976

“Spider of the Evening” 1940

“The Hallucinogenic Toreador” 1970

 I hope you enjoyed this post and a peak into the wonderful exhibit on show at the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, Fl until April 17, 2017